in my dreams, i live here: a cabin in vermont.
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abigail ahern.

i haven’t been dreaming nearly enough lately. dreaming of wonderful places to live beyond san francisco. this city is amazing, but in my dreams, i live lots of other places. this week i’m dreaming again and this time i think i’ll live in vermont. mind you, i’ve never been to vermont, but i imagine being tucked away in a modern cottage in the woods with a big beautiful bed with those dark moody walls that make you want to sleep in. it will be the kind of place i can have pancakes each and every morning with maple syrup from the neighbor down the road (hey, it’s a fantasy) and i’ll probably have breakfast in bed. ready? let’s go.


the kitchen will be small, but functional with a chalkboard wall for scrawling notes — you don’t want to forget anything at the market which is miles away (via the design files and design*sponge). and even my laundry room will be cabin-chic with a fun chandelier and wood barn siding on the ceilings, like the colesmans in love. charming!


the dining area will be quite rustic, but comfortable — a big farm table right there in the kitchen so visiting friends and i can cook together drinking wine while we chat. i’ll collect loads of vintage glassware from the local flea markets and estate sales and it will all be mismatched just perfectly.


the living area will be tiny and intimate, with just enough space to unwind after dinner with lazy sunken slouchy sofas to keep us cozy by the fire and there will be modern touches, too — like the milk table lamp just to keep things from getting too rustic.


i’ll have a comfy little enclosed porch with globe lights hung, where i can read and nap. that’s an essential. and of course a clawfoot tub for soaking after hikes in the woods. ah, vermont. you’ve got me dreaming.


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  1. well you’ve managed to combine some of my all-time favourite images into one little ol’ blog post! love it! when can i visit?

  2. Wow is all I can say to this… you somehow always pull together my dream designs which is hugely beneficial for someone who can’t quite find what they’re looking for when it comes to this. Saving this for sure!

  3. Where is the image of the man pouring the bucket of sap from? It looks exactly like my grandfather!

  4. I just recently moved from Sacramento California to VERMONT. I now live in a log cabin in the woods. My cabin is modern and decorated with vintage things. It is SO beautiful, as I write this I’m looking out the window at the woods. It was my dream and now I’m here and loving it.

  5. WOAH! What a surprise to see this on your blog today. I live in Vermont, and in fact, I designed and sell that bottle of maple syrup you have pictured! You really captured life here and we do eat lots and LOTS of pancakes with maple syrup…with our tree tapping neighbors. Thanks so much for featuring our great little state <3 You should visit!

  6. Oh I love everything about this!! So cozy and cabin-y…but without being too much so. That porch with globe lights would be amazing, but honestly this entire post is just perfect to me!

  7. Oh how this stirred up something inside of me!! How utterly beautiful, comfy and serene this house is, and I would love to live there .I now have another place to visit on my list. Thank you for this lovely post today.

  8. I have been to Vermont once. It was a small town called Barton, just over the border from Quebec. We stayed on a small horse farm, which was very rustic and the decor very vintage.

  9. It’s super Romantic. It only takes one fresh element to make an old one sing. For instance freshly restored floors and beams- enhance an old tub or an old door.. Really pretty.

  10. Oh my, this is inviting. My life has been super stressful lately so this gives me some inspiration for making my own cozy space here at home to get away from it all. And dream.

  11. I’ve always had a dream of owning a cabin where I can just get away – hopefully one day it’ll happen but for now crime shows have me petrified of having a murderer come along O.o I love the images you’ve compiled – they’re simply lovely and encapture exactly what I always imagined mine to look like as well!!

  12. Great post! I haven’t been to Vermont yet, but now I’m retired it may happen! I want Samantha, and others, to know Its my belief one is far safer in the country. I don’t live in Vermont, but I do live in the country, out in the woods in the Great Lake State of Michigan. I live on the back of the 100 acre farm I grew up on, we have two creeks — one in front of our house where my husband built a driving bridge 34 years ago, and one creek out behind our house. My parents bought their farm in 1946, for $5400 after my dad returned from WWII, Paris specifically, at 20 years old, where he had guarded trains after being shot on Christmas Eve 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge.

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