muy bonita.
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how charming is this home from elle decor España? i know this is a lot of color, but i think they’ve pulled it off quite smashingly! even the patio is bright and cheerful, not to mention the pink and black kitchen with all their cookware and eclectic treasures on display. for the whole tour and a ‘get the look’ visit elle decor España.




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  1. The kitchen is too cool.. I love furniture in bathrooms if you have room for a chair- go for it.

  2. Wow, I really love those pale pink walls! They look great paired with the green sofa in the living room and the black cabinetry in the kitchen. Stunning combos, especially that kitchen. Love, love it!

  3. Such a great job making it eclectic but cohesive. Also the rug and pillows outdoors is a nice touch – if only we could do more outdoor spaces like that in SF!

  4. Love this space and this seals the deal for me… boy or not, papa needs to work some pink into his space! Such a happy hue! Have a great weekend, V.! xo UB :)

  5. love that patio with the coral-y orange and the turquoisey blue and the weathered wood. seems feminine, but not over the top. awesome house all around!

  6. Love everything about this house… the color, the light, the style, the “feel” of the place. Just fabulous! Definitely a place I could live in.

  7. I’ve seen this many times in 3 years but today this post is really looking good. I don’t find that it’s too much. What a colourful balm on my winter blues! :)

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