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jayne mansfield, 1964.

ahhhh, the weekend. i’ve had a pretty crazy couple of weeks and i don’t expect next week is going to be any less busy, so i’m cutting outta here early this afternoon and headed up to sonoma for a little retreat — some brainstorming about new ideas, but also some pool time. oh yes, it’s time for some fun in the sun. i’m afraid i’ve got nothing today but summer on the brain. here’s a few summer ideas for you before i head out. have a lovely weekend everyone, and i’ll see you here back on monday.


• i’ve never seen this shop before, but i like it. alot. it’s kerry cassill’s online boutique and it’s filled with great beach gear, including these wonderfully retro-inspired beach umbrellas. they so remind me of the umbrella my dad would haul to the beach with us each week — those summer stripes all faded and lovely from protecting us from the sun.


• this is great idea for getting organized. summer is a good time to take advantage of your free time. use the extra time to get organized — when things slow down just a little bit you can get those nagging projects done just a little bit easier. i like the look of this vintage soda pop crate for keeping those “where did i stash that?” kinda things in one safe spot.


• i scream, you scream. we all scream for ice cream. right? i love the idea of making my own ice cream and summer treats. these are paula dean’s answer to cooling off — her creamy coconut pops. they look refreshing, don’t they?


• a hammock is always a good idea. if you can locate a couple of trees, a pole, anything to hang one of these lazy lovers dream beds, do it. i had one in my old garden and spent a considerable amount of time there, doing absolutely nothing. i miss it, and i highly recommend a hammock under any circumstance. this is a cute striped one from anthropologie.

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  1. Enjoy your well-deserved R&R! Have you been to the Coppola Winery pool yet? I think it is booked from now to eternity but sometimes you can get in late in the afternoon (if it is on your way this afternoon…. it is fab!).

    P.s. Thanks for posting pics of some normal gals (e.g. not size 0) in their bathing suits! Is this what bathing suit models used to look like? If so, I am most definitely living in the wrong decade!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your weekend in Sonoma. We live here, but have been gone for nearly a month and coming home reminds us of why we love living here. Here are a few of my favorite spots in town: Harvest Moon Cafe (BEST dinner), Epicurean Connection (lovely crepes with homemade cheese and tons of local products), Sunflower Cafe (absolute best lattes and waffles with a wonderful patio in the back).

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