sunday in the country.
by victoria comment



there’s a place i like to sneak off to whenever the possibility arises (or the june-gloom rolls into the city). just an hour or so north of san francisco, it’s my sunny secret hideaway in sonoma county — a wonderful home i rent from a friend where i head when i need to relax and replenish my creative resources. we go on walks, we cook great meals and bbq and then dine al fresco. we swim, and sun and float around and then take outdoor showers. it’s a little slice of heaven and i thought i’d share a little of it with you today. i hope you have a place you can get away to — i hold this spot most sacred. this week, it’s sunday in the country.
















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  1. This spot looks like an absolute dream.
    I mean it’s so nice to a have a little getaway retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    Growing up in Canada we had a lake house and would go up there in the summer and on weekends. It was such a nice break.
    Now that I live in nyc, we don’t have that getaway and there are oh so many weekends I wish there was somewhere we could go and just relax for a couple of days.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. What a beautiful place! Can imagine it must be lovely to go there for a weekend.
    Love the book that is opened to Mandela’s face…our Madiba is very sick and back in hospital since the weekend. No news forthcomomg.

    • Delightful place, enhanced with such a meaningful double pic of Madiba …an amazing man who we pray for as he;s seriously ill with lung infection. May the sunshine of this wonderful world shine bright healing light for him and everyone.

  3. What a gorgeous getaway, I bet you had a wonderful time :) I am an LA native and have been to Sonoma County many times. It is always so peaceful and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely weekend.

  4. Wow…nice. I spend so little time in my living room, that it actually feels like a relaxing retreat when I’m in there. I like that. :)

  5. how appropriate that you posted that shot with nelson mandela’s photograph in it – he was just admitted into a hospital today.

  6. Love every detail of this place. Everything contributes to a nice welcoming environment. I can totally see why you choose this place for an escape to relaxation.

  7. Gorgeous! Do you happen to know what white paint was used? I’m on a quest, and this looks like what I’ve been seeking. Thank you!

  8. Hello,
    This place looks like a dream! We are getting married next week and are looking for a gem like this to rent for a couple days: June 21-23. Do you by chance have any availability?

  9. Oh my goodness – I’m here now!! I’m staying with my mother and godmother who found the place through a mutual friend and told me a certain fab blogger rents it out all the time haha!

    /Users/maddieholtze/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2014/05/05/20140505-232137/IMG_2737.JPG
    /Users/maddieholtze/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Previews/2014/05/05/20140505-232137/g%9UFTQJTfWnqbc1ANTB9Q/IMG_2756.jpg

    I have fallen head over heels in love with the place. I’m born and raised in Marin and have become absolutely enamored with the area up here all. over. again. Your pictures are beautiful-thank you for sharing….What a small world!!

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