in my dreams, i live here: palm springs.
by victoria comment



elly yap cactus.

when i was growing up, every easter break my family headed to palm springs. i got to bring a friend and we stayed in motels like the tropics and gene autrey’s melody ranch (which is now the parker). i loved it there. it was warm and the heat was dry. the architecture, before i ever appreciated such things, was mid-century modern. it was the 60’s and the ambience was very sinatra-esque. i remember going for a drive to see bob hope’s big spaceship looking home in the hills and taking the palm springs tram to the mountain tops where out of the sunny blue skies was snow. weird. so, in my dreams, i sometimes live in palm springs.


it’s hot in palm springs, so i’m going to keep things minimal and allow a feeling of space and a lot of light. a lot of great mid-century modern chairs will fill the living area like this eichler home via dwell, and a collection of rarities like verner patton chairs, this rattan chair styled by danielle witte and some 1957 JANINE ABRAHAM / DIRK JAN ROL lemon chairs.



i’m going for a funky 70’s bedroom with turquoise accents to mimic the swimming pool tile and some classic Finn Juhl 45 Chairs. again, sleek but a little bit quirky with mid-century modernist lines.



the kitchen will be ultra modern white hot like this from the design files and apartment therapy with modern cabinetry and opening shelving to display my ceramic collections like this one from Martín Gómez Arquitectos. same for the dining area with saarinen-like white swivel chairs, modern art and geometic terrariums. and more ceramics like these from white beauties from sara paloma.


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  1. I could make myself right at home in that turquoise bedroom. I’m not sure what the wall art is above the bed, but it’s amazing (as is Bob Hope’s space home).

  2. OMG. I love this post. That set of images that you put together right above “I’m going for a funky 70’s bedroom…” PERFECTION. xo

  3. Wow—what a transporting little story and artful collage! And turquoise (aquamarine?) in the most perfect shade…ahhhhhh.

  4. I’m loving all of this decor. There’s something so spectacular about taking a simple approach, yet incorporating a few character pieces. Love!

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