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hi everyone! so, i love minimalism as much as the next guy, but this dining room (in portugal) is pretty much a curators dream, no?


ooh, look at all of those white walls! the other thing i noticed, other than those white walls, was the little pop of color in the form of oranges (or maybe lemons?) in the bowl on the table. ok, let’s go with that:


six tiny, rich, colorful, citrusy still-life paintings. yep, i would totally hang a little grid of these gorgeous oil paintings by robin rosenthal on the main wall in this quiet space. the quiet would of course be broken by my hooting and hollering when i picked up one of these originals for only $100. for real, y’all.

and now, a bit of a family affair around the dinner table:


ok, this time, let’s leave the biggest wall empty, white, and beautiful. instead i’m going to hang just one small portrait on the medium wall. however, i’m having a hard time deciding which of these two paintings to hang. the top piece is by american artist kai samuels davis, and the bottom portrait is the work of his wife, clare elsaesser. yes, they are a crazy talented couple who i’d love to have over for dinner!

and finally, let’s put something on both walls, shall we:


sigh. i absolutely love michael carson’s work. beautiful girls, polka-dots, and simple interiors. i’d love one big piece on the large wall – any of these would be perfect – and then across from it, in a small frame, a little chunk of wallpaper from hygge & west. i love doing this, because afterall, these wallpaper designs by karla pruitt are absolutely works of art. i have a piece of terrance payne’s wallpaper in a frame in my living room, and i love it so much! mind you, i also have an entire wall covered in lisa congdon’s gold ferns, so we could totally do a whole wall of kate’s design in this room too (i vote for the black on black design).

alright, still minimal, but with just a bit of amazing art added to those lovely white walls! see you in two weeks ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)

ps. if there’s a room you want to see art hung in, just let me know!

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