makeover in melbourne.
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the latest issue of elle decoration uk (i view mine on zinio – instant gratification!) features this light and airy mid-century modern home in melbourne, australia. it was not always this bright and sunny — but its dark paneled walls got five coats of white paint from new owner and mid-century modern enthusiast simone haag. now, it’s full of life with a great minimal look, but cozy and comfortable too. for the entire inspiring tour of this lovely re-invented space, check out the july issue of elle decoration uk.








• photography by armelle habib/styling by heather nette king for elle decoration uk.

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  1. Love this place and it reminds me how much I loved Melbourne. Light & airy with the white walls and accents but the brick fireplace and green plants and blue ceramics add just the right hint of texture and color. Because it’s not cluttered you get to see what is in the home and appreciate the details, Thanks for sharing!

  2. the home is so beautiful I almost didn’t even notice the paneling. they did such a great job! I also really love their giant pieces of art.

  3. Wow, such an amazing place! They have some seriously beautiful furniture, and I love that big colourful piece of art at the end of the table.

    • The doily rug comes from Armadillo & Co. There is a great feature and interview with the owner of this house on the design files: an Australian design blog!

  4. Okay, this is ridiculous… I can’t pick out ONE thing that I don’t LOVE about this home. This place is gorgeous! All the white… natural light… neutral colors…. textures… and even down to the geometric patterns. This is my kind of home!

  5. Best house you’ve ever shown us. Love absolutely everything about it except those jute doily rugs. I guess that’s why every house looks different…. tastes differ.

  6. Found you via Pinterest…drooling over this bright, airy home! Especially the geometric print! Is it for purchase somewhere??

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