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so, exciting news readers! as you read this, i’m having my gallbladder removed. yes, i know TMI. you may have seen my tweets about this recent discovery that, yes i have gallstones. bleeck, right? it’s really painful. like the kinda pain you don’t even wish on your worst enemy, so out goes the gallbladder. bye-bye. i’m trying to envision the tiny stones look like these pretty gemz, by amber ibarreche. wouldn’t that be nice? all pretty and shiny. but i’m sure they actually look nothing like this. but one can pretend when one is about to go under the knife. and, honestly, i can’t even say that which makes it oh so less dramatic, because nowadays they do it laparoscopically, so no “nurse, 10 blade, please”. just some crazy gizmo to take the bloody (no pun intended) thing out. anyway, i digress. i do that when i’m a little nervous. but i’m hear to tell you that i’ll be out for a week recovering, but you’ll be in the good hands of some lovely guest bloggers, so never fear — plenty to see here next week!

• i’d much rather be sticking these love riots in my hair, than getting surgery. but hey, we can’t always have the stones we want. you gotta love the stones you’re with. or something like that. but, aren’t these pretty? maybe i’ll wear them with my green hospital gown.


• perhaps i shall bead the hellish little stones, like this aLCHEMY Australian Found Wood Necklace. made from fallen and salvaged Australian timber, these are ‘organic’ too — just like my little stones, only made from wood. it could work, right?


• i think i may deserve a little ‘reward for good behavior bauble’ for myself today, too. how about one of these stones? a vintage cocktail ring from BHLDN? yes, i do think one of these would do nicely and fancy up my hospital gown.


• maybe i’ll grab myself some rock candy swizzle sticks like these from hostess with the mostess for my tea. wouldn’t that be fancy-pants? or better yet, swizzle some pain-numbing cocktail with them.


• and maybe i’ll just listen to the rolling stones all week while i recover. perhaps a little sympathy for the devil? sympathy for someone — namely me! i’ll miss you guys and be thinking of you. see you back here in a week!

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  1. I think you should get yourself some cocktail rings. I was in the hospital with pneumonia a long time ago and the lady next door to me (bald, elderly, and very ill) had several on each hand. She was an impressive woman–spirited, stylish, and a fighter! On her good days she would take out her little plein air painting kit and paint the view from her hospital room. My 11-year-old self was in awe.

    Good luck with your procedure! I’m sure everything will be fine and you’ll be back to blogging in no time. Take care!

  2. Get that darn thing out of your body! You are going to feel so much better. I’ve had kidney stones off and on since I was a junior in High School. I also found out 3 years ago that I had the autoimmune disease Ulcerative Colitis so I know how ridiculously painful this kind of thing can be. Here’s to healing!

  3. Out with those stones. The gall ones, I mean. In with all the wonderful rocks and stones you have shared with us, and all the best for your op and recovery. I’ll be thinking of you, and sending you healing thoughts.

  4. Take good care next week…simply languish and sip infused lemonades with your pain meds. When you start to get antsy, rest some more. You rarely take a break so this is the Universe telling you to do so. All the best and LOVE.

  5. it’s so funny that i was just thinking about the summer i had gallbladder surgery and how i lost so much weight because of it! i hope you’re already feeling better and will feel like yourself again soon! think small bites of food now: soup! cheesecake! iced tea!!!

  6. I found that operation to be a miracle cure. Didn’t realise how sick I’d actually been until I was no longer. I felt like I had been being poisoned and it had suddenly stopped. Here’s a link to a picture of mine. But apparently they are all different………Be well.

  7. Okay I lol’ed at the stones theme. You’re a nut. Hope you’re feeling better soon. You like jello? Now’s the time to indulge. :)

  8. you are the sweetest thing ever that you take gallstones and turn it into a lovely post all about the prettiest and most awesome types of stones out there… hope it all went well and you recover quickly!

  9. I love all the “stone” inspirations. You are, without fail, always hilarious. My prayers are with you in your recovery. My brother had his gallbladder out. He’s much healthier and happier for it! I’m glad you are well. =]

  10. Now you’ve done it, Victoria: somebody will be turning gall stones into rare gems on etsy any day now…
    All the best for a speedy recovery!

  11. Victoria, get well soon, best to get them remove as soon as possible, they are devil and as you said super painful. Take the recovery week easy and don’t dear to come any close to a computer, relax and recover.

  12. Good Morning Miss Victoria…..sending you a (( BIG HUG )) as you recover from your op…..your precious Lucy will take very good care of you, I’m sure….

  13. Not trying to scare you be careful! My husband had his gallbladder removed in jan and it was a nightmare. Simple procedure that turned wrong, which sent him to the ICU. Please sure they run a dye before they seal you up! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  14. Love this, Im having major leg surgery in 10days so I’ve been distracting myself with blogs all day. So thank you it was interesting to know I wont be the only one stuck up in a hospital glued to fashion blogs soon . (Good luck btw)

  15. Victoria, you are so inspiring! You will feel better soon. Gallbladder stone attacks are pretty painful. I feel so blessed to have had my surgery 3 years ago. Get lots of rest. Sending healing thoughts. :)

  16. You will feel much better after the gall is gone. I had the same procedure 3 mos after my hysterectomy. (Good times!) You will definitely feel better if you score yourself one of those gorgeous vintage cocktail rings, too!

  17. Hey Girl, not sure when you had your surgery but I hope your feeling better and life is treating you great…. did you see if your stones looked as nice as the ones you posted in your Blog…LOL!
    just glad to hear your better… cheers!

  18. Take everyday of your week recovery time! I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy 3 years ago and felt so good that I was up and going within 48 hours. Boy, did I ever pay for that foolishness! It took me another month to get back to per-surgery energy levels. If I had paid attention to my doctor, it would only taken a week or two. So be a good girl and rest and wallow and all that good stuff. You’ll be glad you did. And so will we!

  19. been there, done that. My family got to see the real me in recovery, no it wasn’t pretty, seems I swear like a truck driver! But it was all good afterwards, its one of the good operations and I (seven years later) can’t even find the scar. Lots of good thoughts going your way and thank you for your wonderful, inspiring blogging.

  20. oh no, i’m hardly ever on twitter these days and just catching up on some blogs – so late to hear the news. i hope everything went okay and that you are on the mend. on the bright side it is heart warming to see so many people pitch in with posts to keep SF GIRL up and going while you get some rest. sending you good wishes from the other coast.

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