the power of the flower.
by victoria comment



kara rosenlund.

never underestimate the power of flowers to brighten up a room. lacking color, your imagination feeling low? hit the farmer’s or flower market for some fresh blooms and i think you’ll discover instant gratification, and inspiration. flowers just bring the outdoors in, giving new life to rooms. especially pink petals for some reason — peonies, dahlias, camillias — they all have stunning blooms and even when they began to decay, there’s still something lovely about them. here’s what i mean.

rita konig, via the selby.


carine thevenau.


lingered upon; and grey and scout.


Sonia van der Zwaan, via julep.


BLANCA MONRÓS GÓMEZ, via lingered upon.


frankly esoteric; and somehow lou.


cabbage & roses, via design*sponge.


anson smart.

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  1. Flowers really are the finishing touch to a room in my opinion. Even my college dorm had flowers in it constantly just to give my roommate and I some happiness and inspirations–much needed in a cold, rainy city like Pittsburgh!

  2. Read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. The title says it all. Flowers fascinate and captivate me in a whole new way after reading this novel.

  3. oh man, I’ve been obsessed with flowers recently. I’ve been walking around the city and making wildflower bouquets to fill my house with.

    I really love that wild bouquet from Blanca’s house. The contrast between the delicate flowers and the tarnished sink is just too good.

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