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Hello dear readers of SFGirlByBay. This is Irene Hoofs from Bloesem guest blogging while Victoria is recuperating from her surgery. Rather difficult shoes to fill of course, so bear with me! But it is a real pleasure being here and sharing some decoration love with you.

I know you, SFGirlByBay readers, love to see real homes…so I thought why not share some images of my own decorating experiments with you. If you follow Bloesem, you may know that my family and I move around the globe quite a bit. Not always easy to settle into new homes but it does give me the opportunity to decorate (new) rooms over and over again. So I am not complaining at all…!

Experimenting with colors on walls can be tricky when living in a rental home, but I just had to explore the color black a bit more. And I actually loved how it turned out. Black can really brighten a room – when used selectively of course…which sounds counter intuitive but believe me it’s true; I would certainly do it again. Decorative items and basically everything gets a different feel and look when showcased against a black wall.



But bright white remains my favorite, must be my Nordic roots. This is an image from our living room in Kuala Lumpur just before we moved; very high ceilings and windows allowed the sunlight to come during the day. As you can see, I like keeping my house very simple, plain and clean :) …that way my vintage collectibles have a much better chance to shine I think.

These pictures by Marjon Hoogervorst of our kuala lumpur home where featured in Australia’s Real Living magazine…such a big honor!

A while ago my husband and I bought a small apartment in Singapore just to have a place in the world that is ours (moving about so often, we started to feel like ‘perpetual tenants’ and owning our own ‘home’ is quite special to us) and where we could always return… we renovated the whole apartment, took some walls out and created again a clean and modern look. My vintage vases, lamps and other accessories come from thrift shops in the Netherlands. A visit to my home country without visiting at least one (and likely many more…) thrift-shop tour is a no-go for me… :)

Quite suddenly we moved to Singapore earlier this year and we decided to rent out this apartment and find a slightly bigger place where friends and family could also stay for longer periods – something that becomes really important when you live far away from your relatives — I don’t think my husband could ever have imagined inviting his mother in law to stay with us for up to four weeks had we not lived abroad… :) I don’t have any pictures yet of the new home but it has the same style and feel to it.


Our new place has a great kitchen…unfortunately (or fortunately…) I am not a good cook at all but I love making little bites and decorating plates with them. Here is my (in)famous beetroot dip from my detox veggie recipe book…


A dear friend of mine from Kuala Lumpur has her own home accessories brand called Nala and you can find her pillows throughout our home. I love the patterns and colors as they are so elegant and beautiful.

White, bright, mix and match the old and new and bring in some designer furniture you really love…do spend some money on a lamp, chair or couch and you will have your home looking fabulous!



Besides blogging about interior design and experimenting with colors…I also love making my own jewelry. What started out as a hobby turned into a small shop when people started asking me where they could buy the necklaces that I was wearing.

Just this weekend I shared the new 2013 Bloesem Wear collection in my online shop and would love to hear your thoughts…you like them? The collection is softness, warm…less is more and casual chic. I always love the ‘real’ thing so I only use gem stones and other high quality materials such as silver and gold for closings and finishings.


I wish Victoria a very quick recovery…get some rest my dear and let your friends and family spoil you!

Great to be here today with you and hope to see you again on Bloesem! xoxo Irene

• Photo credits: Marjon Hoogervorst; ShowupPictures; and Irene Hoofs.

13 responses to “a home tour: bloesem.”

  1. Thanks for your post Irene ~ LOVE your jewelry line!! Simple, pretty, modern. Do you plan to sell the Bloesem Wear Collection wholesale in the future by chance? :)

  2. Just had a look over at Nala website – there are some great, unique design pillows available. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with the Jewelry range.

  3. I’ve moved a fair amount as well and am in awe at how beautiful your home is – especially considering that it’s a rental. Love your jewelry as well – thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Irene,
    So interesting to read about your story…. Very similar to mine… Brought up in Sweden and moved around the globe myself… Singapore, Malaysia and Holland …. All the same as you… After a few years in US I now live in Canada…. It was lovely to see your very nice home and hope you will blogg about your new home in Singapore… Good luck!

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