small kitchen, but big style.
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• From traditional to modern to everything in between, find your dream kitchen today at IKEA®.


no matter the size of my kitchen, i never seem to have room enough for all my kitchen accoutrement. apartment and small space living doesn’t ever seem to include a lot cupboards, and i happen to love my gadgetry, so what i’ve been doing since almost day one in san francisco is going up — taking full advantage of the vertical space in my tiny kitchen. IKEA has a whole line of wall storage solutions and kitchen systems like the Grundtal, which i’ve used in just about every space i’ve lived in. I hang pots & pans from the rack with ‘s’ hooks — and use the top shelf for storage, all out in the open, beautifully displayed in an efficient, modern way. you can stack colorful pottery, dishware, or store extra drygoods (tip: these days packaging can be an art unto itself and can look oh-so-great on display — and i’m a sucker for european packaging). a perfect melding of clever but stylish functionality.


need more ideas? i’ve also created a pinterest pinboard to keep track of other inspiring space-saving and kitchen decor ideas, utilizing wall and even ceiling space for kitchen storage — hang utensils, glassware, store dishes, display spices. it all looks great when you keep it organized and efficient for everyday cooking. Bon appétit!


i’m a long-time fan of the versatile grundtal wall shelf.


store dishtowels and papergoods in hanging baskets from the grundtal wall shelf.


colorful IKEA® napkins & straws in ordning kitchen utensil containers; and below wood-handled kitchen utensils.



bygel wire basket for storing spices; stack vintage jars above the stove for extra space; and the ordning container is perfect for kitchen utensils.



bygel rail for hanging teatowels and the grundtal magnetic knife rack.

• this post in partnership with ikea, but all opinions are my own. From traditional to modern to everything in between, find your dream kitchen today at IKEA®.

26 responses to “small kitchen, but big style.”

  1. amazing styling! seriously impeccable. and i absolutely love/have to have that clock! i’ve been trying to look for one just like that! do you think you could tell me where to look? :)

  2. Do you have a hood in your kitchen? I always find that my exposed pots and shelving gets covered in grime.

    We don’t have a hood in our SF kitchen and I’m wondering how you cope with that if you don’t have one either.

    Maybe I am just exposing myself as a lazy girl who doesn’t clean and cooks fatty foods… so tell me you either have a hood (and tell me where you got it) or you have someone who comes and does your kitchen once a week to keep it spick and span.

    • i don’t have a hood, but it doesn’t get too grimy. i probably am a bit of a clean freak though, and wipe down after cooking. :)

      i know IKEA has some pretty great hoods – my friend just got one for her kitchen and it looks nice.

  3. So cute! Are those clear spice jars with the black tops available through IKEA as well? I just moved and am on the lookout for all sorts of dry food/spice containers!!

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