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i’m not sure if you’ve heard word of this, but i’ll be traveling far across the globe — to be the keynote speaker at meet the blogger — in amsterdam! i’m super excited (and also slightly scared witless) to be speaking along with interior design tricia guild, creative director & founder of Designers Guild. meet the blogger is a leading European organization for interior, design and lifestyle bloggers. the focus is on beginners, intermediate and advanced bloggers and influencers who are at the forefront of online publishing, with the goal being to enable bloggers to meet the online world offline, through inspiring master classes, social events and conferences across Europe. meet the blogger will be held this year September 30 – October 1, so if you happen to be wheeling around amsterdam at this time, i hope you’ll sign up and we can meet in person — you can find registation right here. amsterdam is one of my most favorite cities, and i’m so excited to be heading back!

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  1. Oh yay!
    Totally deserved!
    Wish I (Nat) could join but Tip can & will-
    Looking forward to hearing all about it, is sure to be inspiring.

  2. I so hope I can make it to Amsterdam for this, V. Not only would it be a pleasure to meet you but also to soak up your nuggets of wisdom. I was lucky enough to speak the keynote at MTB’s Stockholm conference in February and it was a very inspiring weekend indeed. You will be fantastic!

  3. If you think you’re excited then you haven’t seen me! Yayayaayay!!! Can’t wait. Ticket booked on the basis that you’ll be there. Oh yeah, and Tricia. And Tina. And … !!!!!!!

  4. So exciting! I’ll be in Amsterdam for the first time, but not until the end of October. What is your favorite thing to do/see in that city?

  5. oh Victoria, you live in San Francisco, I live in Johannesburg. Amsterdam would seem to be the perfect half way. Would love to be able to hear you and Tricia talk and mix with all the other bloggers I have been following over the years. I am also busy setting up my own co-working space in Johannesburg very much inspired by you and Rena’s Makeshift Society so attending Meet the Blogger would seem doubly apt. But alas, would need some good Samaritan assistance to send this SA blogger 10 hours north from here. I wish you all the success for the talk. Know it is going to be a great event. Will be watching the blogs to see the response

  6. Booked my tickets today and will be travelling over from Ireland! Can’t wait to hear you speak and hear all about your experiences, I’ve no doubt you’re going to be wonderful! I’m lucky enough to be heading to San Francisco on honeymoon in two weeks also so can’t wait to see all your beautiful city has to offer, exciting times ahead! :)

    • exciting, ciara! thank you – all the way from ireland. i think you’re going to love amsterdam! let me know when you’re coming to san francisco and i’ll send you a link to all my favorite spots.

      see you in amsterdam!

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