summer up: diy party photo booth.
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okay, who doesn’t love a photo booth? there’s so few around theses days, they’ve just become a bit of fond nostalgia — living on old piers and carnivals here and there. but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own. with our new-fangled phones everyone is a shutterbug and every moment can be captured in an instant. so, when i host parties, i like to create my own photo booth in a cozy corner where guests can go nuts, hamming it up in front of their very own phones. it’s not only the perfect icebreaker, it’s an ideal party gift, too. everyone goes home filled with memories and a whole lot of great photos. add a hashtag, and the guests can very simply seek out all the party photos on twitter and instagram. a few props and some friends — you don’t need much to get this party going!



we made tissue paper garlands and we rounded up a bunch of props to get the mood going: straw hats, balloons, paper medallions, sparklers, of course a few colorful and delicious cocktails, sunglasses, a badminton set (why not?), fresh flowers — you can pretty much dream up any theme you like. i went with summer fun, but i could see a camp theme, or maybe a movie theme. whatever you can dream up, grab some props and get the inspiration flowing. we even brought the dogs!











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• all photos by cindy loughridge.

28 responses to “summer up: diy party photo booth.”

  1. Congratulations on behalf of the Big E Fan Club (BEFC) We are thrilled to see our little hero on the site!

  2. Your photo booth decorations are so cute! You mentioned using a camera phone, but how exactly do you take the photos? Is someone standing there snapping away? Or do you set up some kind of stationary system?

  3. where, oh where did you find sparklers in sf? i’ve been searching high and low and cannot find them! would be forever grateful if you could point me in the right direction. thanks!

  4. You should post more pictures of yourself!!!
    This is something I’ve thought about a lot, hahaha, after seeing you at Alt a few years back, finding your blog, following it, loving it, and then thinking, but I want more pictures of Victoria!!

    Cause what do I remember about you every time I read your blog? your hot pink fascinator from almost 2-3 years ago! if i were you I’d show off the style icon that you are! just some unsolicited advice from someone who has no authority to be giving it!

    this is my way of saying, loved the post. xo

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