i could live here: chianti classic.
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from far away, it looks like a regular farm in the chianti region of tuscany. but when you enter this home, you’ll discover a contemporary interior where design and raw materials live in perfect harmony.

i could live here for sure. with the help of architect ugo dattilo, fabrizio renovated his home by mixing old and raw materials, with modern and contemporary lines. they used “farm” and country elements, such as stone or brick walls, wooden exposed ceiling beams with modern ones such as glass or steel. the furniture, classic design iconic pieces or modern contemporary artwork, complete the mix and make this home a unique and welcoming space.

si –- french by design







• photos by denise bonenti for ideat.

16 responses to “i could live here: chianti classic.”

  1. Bellissimo! The stairs run so precise and geometric against the more rugged loking walls and leave all that wonderful open space underneath. I love the green chairs and the wood beams exposed – warm wood tones and white balance each other. I could live here!

    • Yes! So well matched with the furnishings – best use of art photo’s I’ve seen! Only thing that stood out in discord is that I think the green couch would look better with a white cover – it would allow those perfect chairs to stand out while still being part of the overall picture. Love it all though!

  2. I wouldn’t mind living in that house either! The interior is so cleverly places and designed! Love the modern touch!


  3. Funny story — my parents lived in a modern home in Mexico City with exposed stairs like those. I visited during college, and my room was upstairs and theirs downstairs. Well guess who got a horrendous case of food poisoning and was too weak and scared to go down those stairs in the middle of the night? I was sitting at the top pathetically yelling “please hellllllp me!” to my parents, who couldn’t hear me. Thank God I had a bathroom upstairs.

  4. Hi! Gorgeous interiors! I was hoping you might be able to tell me the designer of the black pendant lamps hanging above the wooden table (4th picture from the top.) Very much appreciated! Thanks!

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