welcome to the long weekend.
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i’m heading out early today and heading up to sonoma. it’s been a busy week with alt summit in town and it’s time for a long weekend getaway. i like to pack light, because mostly i’m just going to be wearing a bathing suit which sounds pretty idyllic to me right now considering the foggy gloom that’s enveloped san francisco. i am packing up my catalina tote because it’s like the perfect size for bringing along just what i need, and nothing more. do you have a go-to packing list of items that you just gotta have? here’s what’s in mine:


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  1. the two main things that i canNOT forget are: a black maxi dress (can be dressed up or down, black allows less wrinkles to be seen!), and the perfect sunglasses (jet lag can make for some unflattering photos, after all).

  2. Lovely! That’s about what I’ll be packing for my weekend up in the Sierras as well. I’m with Ale – my black maxi is my perfect long weekend attire!!! too bad I can’t find it right now. Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. Love the fold-able hat. Mine was not intended to be folded but has since been trained. It also curls around the edges due to the Aegean salt dried on the brim. It’s certainly unique now. Love that your are keeping it simple in the duffel–happy trails!

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