life in instagrams.
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sometimes, when i’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs trying to think of something interesting or unique to share with you, i get stuck. i’m not going to lie — it can be challenging to come up with posts that are fresh each and every day, a couple of times per day. but i find when i get blogger’s block it helps me to do something creative, and sometimes the easiest most instant way to do that (pardon the pun), is instagram.


i’m addicted, but i’m also completely inspired by instagram. not my own photos per se, although i do love messing about with it — but from the hundreds of talented people out there shooting amazing photographs each and every day. if you find yourself needing a little extra inspiration, i highly recommend it, and if you need some inspiring people to follow, take a look at the instagrammers i follow and i think you’ll find some good ones. if you’d like to see what else i’m up to besides blogging, follow my instagram — sometimes it’s just shooting around my house, like these pics, but i find it helps clear the creative cobwebs and can be good practice for composing when the real camera comes out.




• all photos © victoria smith, sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Love the shelving unit / media cabinet under the LR window. Is that a purchase piece or DIY? Looks like it gives lots of storage without creating a big visual block in the room.

    Sometimes we search for others who do what we do (resin furniture) to find something to talk about. The internet: both a blessing and a curse!

  2. I haven’t really got into instagram myself, although the pictures look stunning. I prefer blogs to get the pictures with the reading. I just wanted to say I appreciate your work on your blog and I look forward to reading each post. Thank you. Melanie (NZ)

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  4. Yes, I agree, Instagram is a great place to visit. Some really nice pics there. Funny, your dog almost blends into the carpet, lol! :)

  5. love your framed pictures. i imagine those are your own or family pics… also love the mini bar and the mismatched glasses. i don’t know why but it says “french diva” to me :))

  6. Good Morning from Vancouver! Totally LOVE your certainly have *that flair* to have spun it into something ‘spectacular’….thank you for sharing your precious Lucy with us….Cheers, Valerie :)

  7. You have really nice pictures. full of inspiration.
    it´s everytime a good feeling to look at your photos.

    do you use a spacial App?

    best wishes
    Dana :-)

  8. I adore your instagrams, they’re always so full of colour and light and they’re just gorgeous! I find it full of inspiration too. And these snaps of your home a so lovely, you have such a gorgeous home.

  9. Instagram is soo addictive and a great source of inspiration. I live most of the year in Indonesia on one of the outer islands so it is also a great tool to keep in touch with my friends, (on the other side of the world). A picture tells a whole story sometimes. Love your pictures what a stunning home you have. X

  10. I’ve really loved watching your style and especially your color palette evolve over the years, from the fresh and airy whites that dominated your Pac Heights apartment when you first started blogging (with a dash of pink and yellow), to the bold and sophisticated black and pink palette of today. Your home is your canvas and your blog is your gallery. Grateful that you decided to blog and to share…

    • ah, thank you! my style changes and evolves and sometimes when i look back i think, “oh no – what was i thinking!?” thanks for sticking with me all these years!

  11. I always love your instagram feed and especially photos of your home! glad you found such a great new place and are happy and settled there. Finally! having long outgrown our house in L.A. our landlord surprise! sold it out from under us about 6 weeks ago. While we weren’t expecting it, and it was super stressful at first trying to find a place – we found a great new house! a historic craftsman in an L.A. neighborhood we didn’t even know existed. We move in less than 2 weeks and are so excited to be in a new hood, and play with a new space. Your blog and your pinterest finds are the best! for home inspiration – hope all is good V! xoxo

    • oh, so glad you found something great. it is super stressful, but sometimes you end up finding something that feels even more like home. congrats, marisa! xo

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