the little cross that could.
by victoria comment




i wonder what it is about the swiss cross that i find so comforting? for me, it’s the symbol of humanity and caring. but it’s become a stylish decor statement too, and i’m not too sure of the origins of that. i know that anna at door sixteen probably inspired my first attraction to the cross, and liane from enhabiten designs were some of my favorites. i still own one of her original pillow designs. regardless, it’s a trend that is still hugely popular, especially in scandinavian design and i don’t seem to be tiring of it anytime soon.


swiss cross floor via alvhem; and jonathan adler pillow via sfgirlbybay.


nina holst via stylizimo.


stella berkofsky for mohawk general store.


simpel leuk stitched cross blanket; Gruezi//Twenty8 print, by Party In The Mountains at society6; cross wall pendant from basichus.


swedish wool trivets from basichus.


merchant design.


pia wallen cross blanket.


& suus cross box; and swiss cross blankets, via trendenser.

20 responses to “the little cross that could.”

  1. Really interesting trend. The cross is so graphic, but also a very ancient symbol – it’s neat to see it as a pure design element, apart from some of the religious and cultural undertones usually associated.

  2. Oooooooooooh. ✚ ✚ ✚ ✚ You knew I’d love this post. ;)

    My cross-love started with Jean-Pierre Raynaud and Joseph Beuys, and then Pia Wallén stole my tender heart. Like Lauren said above, there are meanings attached to the cross that go way back in history — it’s a symbol that has a lot of different connotations. To me, it’s a symbol of healing and of positivity.

    This is a most excellent collection, Victoria!!

  3. What an honour to be on your amazing blog with the picture of the cross box. The Pia Wallen blanket is my favorite!
    Thanks for the mention.

    Love from the Netherlands!

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