being green.
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Sarah Lavoine home, via carnet interieur.

there’s something about green that’s very bohemian and a little bit kitschy to me. it can swing the other way, and appear quite elegant as well, but these greens, well i think they’re leaning a little bit towards hippie-dippie. i don’t think i’ve ever decorated with a shade of green quite as bold as these examples, but i like the statement they make. cheerful, anything but understated and indicative of the great outdoors. bringing the colors of nature inside is always a good idea. here’s to being green — indoors.


Chad Kouri and Margot Harrington’s home, via design*sponge.


Brian w. Ferry photography for freunde von freunden.


green muuto chair.


green desk chair via dawanda; paintings via the design files; and brian w. ferry photography turntable.


kitschy green bedroom accents, by janis nicolay photography.


a very hippie house, from woodstock handmade houses.


green pendant lamp via brooklyn; and green lounge chair via apartment therapy.


green glass collection via the design files.


dottie angel’s home; plant life via Kimberly Rhodes Roberts; and green dining chairs from architectural digest.

18 responses to “being green.”

  1. Love this collection of photos! I like the way that green is used as an accent to make the otherwise more neutral surroundings seem richer

  2. all these places are just awesome! can’t really choose my favourite one! would find myself living in every each of them!
    Great blog, great post!

  3. God do I ever remember those hippie bedrooms- mine never looked that nice of course- but absolutely true to the style then!

    The green really is eye popping- in small doses- wonder if it will start to proliferate?

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