in my dreams, i live here: amsterdam.
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i love amsterdam. have you ever been? i find the vibe very much like san francisco — friendly, walkable (or bike rideable!), and very bohemian. i’m heading there in late september to speak at meet the blogger, so i’ve been going there in my imagination a lot lately — i’ve made a pinboard to keep track of places there i’d like to visit, too. so i started thinking about what my home there might look like. here’s what i’m visualizing — in my dreams, i live here, in amsterdam.


i imagine my apartment to be very tall and narrow, like many of the buildings in amsterdam, so furnishings will be cozy with not a lot of space. i’ll keep things nice and white to allow the rooms to feel more open and airy. i’ll make the most of the odd little niches in the walls and display artwork. the furniture, like the dining table above will be space-saving and have leaves that fold down, stools that tuck under tables and chairs that fold up — like this one by Dutch designer Reinier de Jong.


there will be tiny fireplaces throughout the apartment, like this pretty black mantel in stark contrast to all the white.



the bedroom will be simple with a bed low to the floor allowing for more space, and i’ll always have bedside flowers from the Bloemenmarkt, amsterdam’s beautiful flower market. there will be a tiny bathroom, but one with a beautiful view of the canals.


a lovely kitchen window to let in the bright light from the canal, like this one, and a nice little eating nook like this spot via the style files.


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  1. Wow! Congratulations on your tip to Amsterdam in September! That will be such an awesome experience! I’m a huge fan of the airy, open feel of your dream home. The monochromatic scheme gives it an easy to live in feel… with bursts of flowers for color and smell. An inspiring post… thank you!


  2. wow, I could totally live there too. love all the coziness those white spaces, with just a few furniture pieces. I’m blessed to have high ceiling in my apartment and that is one of the best things, for sure.
    Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam. I haven’t been, so I can not give you any tips, but I bet you’ll be just fine :)


  3. Congratulations on being keynote speaker. I love Amsterdam, too. Funny I posted on Amsterdam today. Love the lifestyle. So relaxed, great design and people watching. All the best to you.

  4. Congratulations on going in September! I’m very excited for you, and I know you’ll enjoy yourself! thank you for posting this as I do plan on moving to Amsterdam in a couple of years-I’m going to need visual resources :)
    Be well!

  5. This is exactly how I feel, just the other way ’round. I’ll be traveling to SF in September, because it’s so bohemian and has a very Dutch or European feel. And ever since I know I’ll be going there again soon, I’ve pinned a lot of interesting places and things to do on a SF pinboard. Looking forward to hearing or even meeting you at Meet The Blogger on September 30th! See you in Amsterdam :-) Until then: have a great summer! x.

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  7. Love your post! I think my dreams looks something like this too. There’s something so special about the light in The Netherlands. You’ll see for yourself! While you’re in the area, I recommend a quick trip outside of the city to Leiden. It’s a lovely, old university town with a charming market and old-world city center. I think you’d appreciate the outdoor markets on Wednesday and Saturday : ) Have a wonderful trip and thanks for sharing your lovely blog!

  8. hey, that’s my apartment with the ceiling rose and wooden shutters (altho’, pssst….it’s in london :) although, i would happily transport it to Amsterdam too.

    • yes, i linked to you there in the text. i sometimes just make up these places to live, but i’d be fine with it being in london, too. you have a beautiful home! i’d love to share more of it if you’re ever interested.

  9. Victoria, what kind of light is that in your bedroom. The cloth diffused cylinder. I have been looking for one for months with no luck.

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