pretty in the palest of pink.
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i was taking a look at weekday carnival as i am wont to do and noticed she’s painted her living room walls the palest shade of lovely pink. riikka kantinkoski’s beautiful blog is written in finnish, so i’m not positive of what she’s saying, but i believe she’s saying they’ve painted their home so many times, it’s perhaps time to move on to a new challenge. wow, do i ever know that feeling. i think i painted the rooms in my last house so many times, the rooms were starting to get smaller. the rest of her home is lovely, as well with all it’s smart-looking black & white — i could definitely be happy living in her pretty home, couldn’t you?








• all photos by weekday carnival.

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  1. I have had a pale pink dining room for almost ten years. I can tell you this: everyone looks beautiful and glowing with dimmed lights or candlelight and a pale pink backdrop! It’s amazing. And during the day, the room radiates like the inside of a seashell.

  2. I’ve been following her blog for a while now – her style is just so warm and inviting, despite being quite minimal! I love the pale pink – it’s made me look at my living room in a new way – I think we could manage pale pink, too!

  3. I grew up in a house with pale, rose pink walls like this and it is wonderful. It’s not too difficult to neutralize it – for example, there was a couch in the perfect shade of forest green and two wing chairs in celadon. Drapes were celedon too. Rosewood end tables. It worked beautifully because the tones were correct. In the rooms above, for example, I think the first photo of the couch works best because it looks more like a rose/brown tweed or heather. In the second photo you see it looking more like charcoal – not as successful, imo. Still nice though.

  4. I think I’d like the pink walls with a beach house look – lots of white light, sandy colored linen couch, driftwood colored and textured accents, a few sun-bleached aqua pieces…etc

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