log lady.
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hervé goluza.

it’s kinda damp and foggy today in san francisco (oh, summer) and i found myself fantasizing about having a fireplace and a nice stack of fresh wood at the ready. and, i saw this colorful stack which reminded me i’ve been seeing a lot of attractive stacking of logs around lately. i think wood logs look great exposed like this, and are a great solution to fireplaces that no longer work, as well — simply stacking the logs inside looks utterly charming. here’s a few ideas for you other log ladies out there.


yvestown’s lovely home.


trine thorsen; ikea, via stylizimo; beach studios; and martyn thompson studios.


lotta agaton.


finn; and the ranch malibu.

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  1. Love exposed stacked wood–I’ve painted white and removed the doors from the cabinet unit next to our fireplace so we can stack logs, looks so much better now :)

  2. I’ve been thinking that this summer in SF has been even more wintery than usual. I’m glad that I’m not the only one. I’ve been lighting a ton of candles so I can at least pretend to have a fire place.

  3. Thanks for including me as I love logs, there’s something about them that’s magical. I wish I could give you a stash when you are In Amsterdam. If only they were hand luggage proof ;)

  4. Growing up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I have experienced a lot of rain and my entire childhood was spent huddled up next to our wood stove, the only source of heat in the house. There’s little in life more promising or cozy than a fresh stack of wood next to the fireplace on a drizzly day, when it’s only 5:00 and already dark out. Thanks for the memories :) – Leith

  5. What a great idea! I currently have a fireplace that doesn’t get used much ( I live in Florida!) so I may just have to do this in my own home– I also love the Twin Peaks ‘log lady’ reference. One of my favorite characters from that show.

    Reading new posts of yours is always part of my daily ‘chill’ time– thanks for giving us great content to look for to everyday!


  6. We have a fireplace that doesn’t work, and I’ve been thinking of putting logs inside it since I saw Anna’s (from Door Sixteen) fireplace. It really makes it pretty! I love the first photo with the colored logs! Such a nice idea!

    • That’s the first thing that I thought of when I saw all of these wood piles. Shudder.
      We have black widows in our yard so there is absolutely no way that I would find comfort in piles of wood in my house. Black widows are big, too.

  7. Hi Victoria,
    This post reminded me of an installation at Madison Public Library for a huge event they had called “Bookless”. After the library had been cleared out and before construction for a new building began, organizers held a huge party with over 50 artists, bands, cocktails, and tons of awesomeness. Here’s a photo of the installation that your post reminded me of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/madison_guy/6790350367/in/set-72157629086733671

    It was one of my favorite art pieces at the event!

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