at last. H & M online.
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glass vase from new H&M online.

if you haven’t heard the news, H&M is at long last available to shop online. hallelujah! there’s not only your favorite clothing at affordable prices, there’s now a line of H&M homewares, and i have to say the styling is pretty spot on. from kitchen goods & linens, to bedding and cushion covers, here’s a few pieces that grabbed my eye (and some of my money — but thankfully, not too much money).


kitchen canisters.


cushion covers.


linen duvet bedding.


bathroom accessories; and guest towels.


storage bins.


cushion covers; and tea light holders.


table runners.

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  1. (Somewhat) funny thing: yesterday I logged onto the H&M website to look through their maxi dresses and saw that they offered online shopping now. So I mourned the fact that it had been *so long* since I was last able to afford to shop that I completely missed the boat of the H&M online shopping launch. Glad to see that this is, actually, recent. So I’m not that poor and out of the loop after all…but French looking housewares?! Yes, please! – Leith

  2. i was so excited about the linen duvet cover & sheets-but they are sold out in dark gray. hope they restock soon, some very cool items here…thanks for the heads-up!

  3. This is so exciting!!! It’s taking literally ALL my willpower not to spend my life savings on $4 velvet pillow covers in all the colors of the rainbow. Such a good buy. I feel like a squirrel right before winter (except with velvet pilows…instead of nuts.)

  4. I JUST recieved my king linen duvet set and pillowcases and I AM IN LOVE!!! They look well made, feel like a comfy pair of linen pants and I actually can’t wait to wash them to try and soften them up even more! For $70, minus the intro 20% off coupon I’m so thrilled! Now I’m just waiting on a nice stack of pillows and some kid’s clothes to arrive!

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