i could live here : a montmartre flat…with a garden!
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hello sfgirlbybay readers! si here, from the frenchbydesign blog, for a new “i could live here” house tour! if i said montmartre, would you live there? now what if i said a luminous flat in montmartre with a real garden? anyone?

ah, montmartre, the bohemian and artistic quarter of the french capital with its magnificent view of paris, its busy paved streets with singers, painters and all sorts of artists. and then this flat, fully renovated and decorated by architect and interior designer karine lewkowicz. karine brought back the light, the curves and soul of this apartment and furnished it with exquisite pieces. oh, and double bonus, the flat opens up to a dreamy community garden, accessible through simple separating wrought iron gates. now, could you live here too?

si –- french by design







• photos by nicolas millet for cote paris.

17 responses to “i could live here : a montmartre flat…with a garden!”

  1. I’ve lived in Montmartre for five year, but my flat unfortunately didn’t look like that… at all! :) Smaller, darker and… definitely no garden. Oh well, it was a nice flat nonetheless.

  2. I am really diggin’ those red chairs. I love how this apartment is so light and airy. When I lived in Paris my place was also very light and bright, it makes such a difference to have so much light all day.

  3. To be honest I am not in love with this apartment (don’t get me wrong though, if someone let me live there I couldn’t pass it up)! However, that dark green wall in the bedroom is so unexpected and delightful. I love that there is absolutely nothing on it, and only the light makes it dynamic.


  4. My husband and I lived in a small flat in Paris for a year when we were young (and poor and foolish and wonderfully carefree) – it was one of the best years of my life. Although he is French and we plan to one day split our time between France and the US, I don’t know that I will ever convince him to live in Paris. Le sigh! I will advocate for a lovely little city like Aix en Provence with a direct TGV connection to Paris. Seems like the best of both worlds, non?

  5. i love all the different colors of this space. the mid-century feel is wonderfully executed – our designer at red loves to combine mid-century + modern together. i could definitely live here, especially with a community garden right outside!

  6. I could definitely live here…my style completely! My Johannesburg garden ( lucky us!) is slowly getting there…

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