diy monthly calendar.
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i am not one of those people who can rely on tech for everything. especially my ‘to do’ list and my calendar. it’s just too easy for me to forget something when it’s locked up on a computer or iphone screen. yes, i use those tools, but a big visual reminder works so much better for me. so when i saw this great interview on studio home of one of my very favorite bloggers, lucy feagins from the design files, i knew i had to make my own version of her very rad calendar. now mind you, lucy’s is way cooler and she has a nice big studio space to display it (go have a look!). i, sadly, lack wall space, but i improvised. i thought you might like a little diy inspiration today to make your own, too. a calendar that is flexible, but not as unsightly as your typical dry erase board. ready to get organized? here we go.

this is super easy and you don’t need much. you can find dry erase boards & markers at the craft or hardware store. i got my washi on etsy:

• white dry erase board
• dry erase markers
• various colors of washi tape
• sharpies
• various colors of post-it notes (optional)


so, you simply tape off a grid for your calendar, add the days of week — and that part can all be permanent. then with the dry erase marker you can add the calendar days so next month you can wipe the dry erase board clean and add the new dates. simple! i like using washi tape with a sharpie to post tasks and events because it looks kinda pretty and is easily removable, but i think for those things i really, really can’t forget i’ll get some colorful post-it notes like lucy’s used on her board. i like her’s too, because it looks like it’s two months, side-by-side, which would be ideal for seeing what’s coming up, but since i lack space, this is a place to start. honestly, i feel much more in control of the tasks ahead already. thanks for the inspiration, lucy!


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    • So happy to see this video by Ms. Luong on dyeing fabrics.
      I am just about to have to dye 3 pieces of royal blue and make them a deep navy
      due to some sort of stain that has all but ruined the largest two pieces of fabric.
      Going to use the 1st technique.

  1. This is so cute! Thank you for this post. I hate using my computer for calendar reminders, and I (intentionally) don’t have one of those smart phones, so I’ve been trying to figure out a way to create a calendar with my daily schedule that’s big and pretty to look at.

    Definitely going to try this!

  2. OMG I love this post so much! I was thinking of doing a DIY calendar painted cute colors on butcher paper or something (so you could keep it or dispose of it every month) but this is even cuter/more reusable. Thanks for this post!

  3. Washi tape is like the adult version of glitter pens to me. LOVE WASHI TAPE. I did the keyboard thing but this seems waaaay cool. Plus I love any chance to write with a sharpie or marker, giving this a double bonus!

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