stacked style.
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lonny magazine had a great feature on the art of stacking, which as you may know is one of my favorite ways to display books, magazines topped with accessories and collectibles. so i thought i’d browse around and add to some of the inspiring images they provided. stacking your stuff doesn’t have to mean messy — au contraire, it’s simply a very tidy and stylish way to display your favorite pieces in pretty vignettes — also without taking up a lot of space.


stacked on a small side table, hannas room.


some of my books stacked on a rolling cart.


lovely cloche with book stacks, the glitter guide.


stacking in style, via lonny.

some lovely organized stacks — records too, via apartment therapy.


stacked on a chair, tertulia magazine; and photographer karna maffait.


bookshelves packed with stacks, miles redd photography.


lovely coral with books, the glitter guide.

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  1. “Art of stacking”? Seriously? I’m starting to feel like interior design magazines are running out of things to publish.

  2. My favorite idea I’ve seen lately is stacking books on either side of the bed, so tall to act as a nightstand- then put a table lamp and little vase of flowers on top. So easy and it looks great with a neutral palette of books!

    xx Erin

  3. I’ve been practising the ‘art of stacking’ since I was a child, especially with books but also with Lego ;) but back then my mum called it ‘making a mess’. Things have changed I guess. I don’t really stack books anymore, too much dusting to do, I got a Kindle instead. I know, it’s not the same, but there’s not dusting to do!

    • yvonne, i was lucky enough in my advertising career to promote this book, producing bus shelters with images from albert watson’s book. he signed this one for me! :)

      and you’re right – diane arbus does speak to my circus roots!

  4. Totally agree on this, we were having a photoshoot done at home today and some of the photos showed my growing collection of magazines and books displayed in a very similar way.

  5. Using magazines, books, decorative filing boxes are a beautiful way to add dimension and create depth and intrigue to display vignettes or certain items. I love your ‘stacking style’ above. A design statement in it’s own right and so easy to achieve. Single level coffee and end tables look dull in comparison! I love using vintage trays to display vignettes too!

  6. I always stack books this way. Even on bookshelves where I could put them right side up if I wanted to. I just think they look better this way. : ) Also, if its books I look at frequently I probably wouldn’t stack them because it’d be a pain to retrieve it each time. But, let’s face it… how many of us go back again and again and again to most books we own?? So, anyway. I love the look!

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