shop local, but all over the world.
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want to shop local, and yet travel internationally? this is perfect for you, and me. there’s nothing worse for me than traveling somewhere and ending up in a tourist trap. i want to feel like a live there — if only for a little while. Shopikon is a shopping guide and free app designed to help you discover the best independent local stores and products — but all around the world. Shopikon Features local shops with an indie spirit — all those special shops that culturally define a city and give it its unique, individual flavor. As chain stores fill our streetscapes the world over, this project is a celebration of the independent retailer.

Shopikon produced a short video to illustrate a day-in-the-life of a local shop owner in Paris, Vienna, San Francisco and Barcelona to help promote keeping shops indie and diverse. I think you’re going to like this!

Shopikon has launched applications featuring some of the best marketplaces: London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin and San Francisco — featuring approximately 2,000 international shops, and growing everyday. Shopikon profiles the best local shops, including neighborhood bookstores and traditional bakeries to avantgarde furniture and stylish boutiques — even vintage shops, and you can check these shopping spots out on the Shopikon website, as well as on their iPhone App.


where ever you’re headed, Shopikon is quite the brilliant app for improving your local shopping experience, and helping you feel like local no matter where you’re headed — and a great community building tool with its neighborhood tips from locals, plethora of beautiful photos, simplcity, and sync to MYLIST feature with maps & directions. check out their blog, too.

• this post is in partnership with Shopikon but all opinions are my own.

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    • me too, that’s why i like this so much. plus, it’s nice to know where those special, mom & pop type shops are when you’re somewhere you’re not familiar with.

  1. PERFECT!!
    I am just about to begin planning a trip to San Fran so have been stopping in on your blog more regularly than usual, to trawl back over previous posts – but this is fabulous!!

    Thanks! x

  2. Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been searching for! When travelling I always scramble to get my touristy sightseeing out of the way so I can enjoy exploring the local scene at my leisure. Going local really provides a different perspective and I find it so much more appealing. I’d rather support local boutiques and shops abroad, just like I try to at home.

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