wild beyond imagination.
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susan hable smith’s gorgeous dining room.

you know what i love about elle decor magazine? it’s a bit like turning the pages of a haute couture runway show. sometimes their editors find the most wildly fantastic houses, that much like designer duds, you can’t quite picture yourself wearing or being able to pull off, but they are simply stunning, inspiring and just get our imaginations running wild. take these lushly colorful homes i found among the pages of some recent elle decor magazines — richly opulent and boldly courageous design. i like to imagine actually sitting in one of these spaces having a spot of tea, or a cocktail or two with their lucky inhabitants. here, there are no ‘family rooms’ just salons and parlors — but, of course. cheers, everyone — you live in some kind of style. wild beyond imagination!


Caitlin and samuel Dowe-Sandes’ Marrakech, Morocco home.


the design work of Work of M. Brendemoe for elle decor espana.


susan hable smith’s parlor, complete with fainting couch.

The Bohemian Photographer Lluís Real’s mediterranean home.


GÉRARD ­TREMOLET’S very grand salon.


Jeanine Lobell’s electric pink foyer.

10 responses to “wild beyond imagination.”

  1. I could totally live in that second room (with the green leather and pale blue walls) – and look at that double-decker drinks table! Cocktails, anyone?

  2. Beautiful Rooms!
    My favorite interiors magazine this year is British Elle Decor.
    Always interesting. Sometimes I can overdose on the wallpaper (what is it with British people & wallpaper?) but I look forward to each issue.

    • I beg to differ here!
      These rooms are well designed!
      Staged to me is the cashmere throw over the bed or sofa with a carefully chosen pair of heels artfully strewn nearby the flowers still in the paper wrap – meanwhile the white room is a hodgepodge/mess of stuff that looks like it came from urban outfitters.

      Do you see the difference?


      • I agree with you Charles but also dig that someone would make a room rich with wood floors, and french doors and great ceiling so simple. I mean look at the architecture of that ceiling and the floors! Who knows what a carpet would do to ruin it’s look. I like the furniture albeit it from somewhere like Urban Outfitters. All the rooms share a rich hue with simple stated lay-out.

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