isolation never looked so good.
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i saw this amazing, stunning, simply gorgeous home on this is paper, and i just had to show you a little bit of it. this is the work of Stockholm-based photographer Felix Odell whose photographs capture the soul of a home in a way that make you feel as though you were standing right there with him, looking through his lens. his lighting is just quite that magical. felix photographed this mid-century modern home isolated on an island in the northern Swedish archipelago for Monocle Magazine — which, by the way, is also most amazing. i just subscribed. for the whole incredible tour, visit this is paper.












• all photos Felix Odell for Monocle Magazine.

18 responses to “isolation never looked so good.”

  1. So peaceful! Makes me want to pack up for a week and spend some serious technology free time there! Also, SO obsessed with that green couch! A perfect addition to a home!!

    –Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  2. I am definitely a city girl at heart, but my sister lived in Sweden for a while and I went to visit her for a couple of weeks. The Swedish countryside truly has a power over you. It’s flat and some of the most remote countryside you’ll ever find, but there really is something magical about it. These photos, I think, definitely touch on that. Thank you for this lovely post. – Leith

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