in my dreams, i live here: copenhagen.
by victoria comment



marie claire maison.

i’ve longed to visit copenhagen, denmark for as long as i can remember, so today i thought i’d go there in my imagination. in my dreams i live here, in a stylish, sparsely furnished danish modern home, but one with pale pops of color here and there. you with me? let’s go use our imagination and create our dream home in denmark.


i think because my apartment will most likely be tiny, my furnishings will be practical for storage, too — like this built-in cabinet in my foyer. cute, but convenient! maybe i’ll paper one accent wall with ferm living’s spear wallpaper, just to add some pattern and color. pegboards in my kitchen will keep my market bag and kitchen tools tidy and i’ll have lots with lots of fresh white walls and open shelving to keep things well-organized and functional.


I’ll have a small sitting area with cozy sheepskins like these via bloesem and black sheep white light; with lots of simple danish modern furniture, again in pale muted colors.



i’ll hang some loft curtains to separate the bedroom alcove and keep things nice and cosy. and add bright, colorful modern bedding to warm up the look. feels like home to me! dream on.

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  1. uhhh…apartments in copenhagen are massive compared to a typical apartment in, say, san francisco…far from “tiny”.

    • ha! good to know! i was imagining them to be small because most european apartments i’ve stayed in have been. i better get to copenhagen quickly to test it out for myself! ;)

  2. The Danes think the kitchen is the most important room in a house so it is always HUDGE. Besides, they don’t really pay attention to the bathroom so it is often just a room with an evacuation in the middle for the water. You just shower in the middle of you bathroom. Weird, I know. Otherwise, CPH is the one of the most beautiful city in the world. I lived there for 2 years and try to go at least once a year. Visit it is to love it.
    Knus og kram fra Marie, fra Frankrig ;)

  3. Dear Victoria – we’d love to have you here ;-) And your imaginary home is just perfection. As with everywhere though, the older (the apartment) the smaller – if that makes sense:)
    Happy weekend and hope to see you here sometime.

  4. Oh, i LOVE the grey chair next to the white lamp.

    Does anybody know where to find it?! I really am looking for a chair like this for ages!

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