bohemian norway.
by victoria comment



this is such an inspiring idea! two friends that shared the same dreams of becoming homeowners had a plan — if they found a house that could be divided into two family homes, they could handle their mortages financially together. and when they found this charming wooden house in the middle of Rodeløkka, oslo they made their dream come true. they each agreed on which floor of the house they were to live on, and got to work on renovating the one house into two, preserving as much as they could of what was the original details. a collaborative effort, this is a peek at the upper level — a gorgeous, and very bohemian space in every sense of the word.








• photography by Jorunn Tharaldsen for klikk.

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  1. I’m in love with the purple and teal bed spread. Can anyone tell me where I could find it to order? I’ve looked everywhere!

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