let’s go to: london.
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the monocle bulletin has a wonderful feature on The new Ace Hotel in east London. the ace is taking over the former space of The old Crowne Plaza Hotel and is being turned into the first Ace Hotel outside America. it’s intended to not only serve as a traditional hotel for out of town guests but also provide the local shoreditch neighborhood residents with a place to gather, and creative businesses with some much appreciated opportunities. all the interiors feature mid-century and vintage modern furniture and the space was designed by universal design studio, a local interior design studio within walking distance of the new hotel. there’s a cafe, a juice bar, a gallery space and even a gorgeous and very unexpected little florist shop run by hattie fox — some rooms feature guitars for strumming. ready? let’s go. let’s go to the ace in london.





• photographs by Tina Hillier for monocle.

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  1. The Ace is seriously awesome! Never thought I could love a hotel so much, but after our stay in Seattle, we’ve made it a point to try to at least visit, if not stay, at every one. Can’t wait to make a trip to London for this one!

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