thoughts for a friday.
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frankie magazine, how to yodel.

ahhhh, finally friday. doesn’t it feel good? i don’t have anything particularly scintillatingly to share with you today, perhaps just some random wonderfulness that has recently caught my eye. such as it should be on a friday — not much purpose, just frivolity and a general lightness of being knowing the weekend is soon at hand. time to screw off a little bit. frankie magazine’s current issue has an interesting article on how to yodel, for instance — should that strike your fancy. i’m not much into yodeling, but here’s a few things i can get my head around.


decor8’s got a wonderful studio tour posted. holly’s sharing this stylish little studio in norway belonging to blogger Jeanette Lunde from By Fryd (which, by the way, naturally means Joy). have a look at this inspiring tour, and then stop by for a visit to by fryd’s new shop.


• still fine after all these years. i’ve been following sweden-based blogger fine little day around since my first days blogging, and her clever creativity is in fine form as always. she’s got some great new items in her online shop — a lovely selection of home decorations, accessories, books, design and craft products, a lot of which are original items she produces herself. you should go look. now. no, really.


• here’s some really lovely photography you should see from luisa brimble. this is called foliage, a beautiful image of Jessie James of Supply Paper Co. (another amazing place to visit, by the way). oh internet — you can be six degrees of separating us from so much beauty. thank you for that.


• this is not really a dress. this is a sculpture. The sculpture of Ron Isaacs is difficult to explain — often when standing right in front of an Isaacs’s sculpture, the viewer can still not believe their eyes. “What do you mean that is not cloth? How can that be carved wood and still look like a beautiful garment coming to life?” The answer is in the highly unusual and specialized technique that Isaacs employs to turn birch plywood into “architectural garments” full of movement. this is called ‘wallflower’ but is anything but. stunning.

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