make mine white.
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home of debi treloar, via 79 ideas.

one thing i really love about scandinavian interiors is all that whitewashing that goes on. furniture, wood flooring and very often ceilings, too, get whitewashed or painted lovely shades of white — there is more than just one white, you know. i still dream of whitewashed floors — i tried to talk my landlord into it when i moved into my cottage and we refinished the old fir floors, but i don’t think he appreciated their beauty as much as i do. i love natural wood, too — don’t get me wrong — but i really love these looks. maybe just one room? please? i always seem to come back to white.


benedikte ugland for skona hem.


Heidi Lerkenfeldt for elle decor.




emily johnston anderson photography; and Heidi Lerkenfeldt for elle decor.


kara rosenlund.


este mar; kara rosenlund; the dormy house; and jj locations, via vtwonen.






Rêves de Bonheur.

18 responses to “make mine white.”

  1. I love the Scandinavian influences, but have a hard time living with all white. I know that it’s popular there as a means of brightening up home spaces–especially when it’s dark outside. But I live in a part of the western US where the glare from so much sun would make an all-white interior overwhelming. I’m always looking for kitchen inspiration–especially how to update–using white, but white walls and light floors. I have natural wood cabinets and they’re lovely. I don’t want to paint them. If you ever come across beautiful spaces that have white walls and plenty of light-colored wood, I’d love to see a post!

  2. They always look nice in photos but in reality are very impractical. The white shows every
    little mark and every speck of dirt. I’ve had white floors, and trust me, you would go crazy after awhile just trying to maintain them.

    • i still have to fantasize! ;) i had black floors once, in my kitchen and that was a nightmare. every spec of food dropped while cooking, every dog hair showed. it was a nightmare keeping them clean.

      • I disagree! I have old wood floors painted white in 3 rooms of my house and I don’t think they are difficult to maintain…and I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Black steps show far more hair.

    • It is not that bad. The floor in my previous room was all white and I was simply doing a regular weekly cleaning. It is definitely worth doing it for the end result. I miss waking up every morning in an all white environment.

  3. Agreed [with Tee Blue]. I had espresso colored wood floors and it showed everything. I’m loving the white. I think the distressed photo [last photot] would be super easy to maintain. Thanks for the inspiring blog!

    Michelle Carles, IIDA |

  4. Loved this post and your blog! I am really into white interiors, there’s just something about white on white that makes it look so fresh and inviting!

  5. White happens to be my favorite color and especially when it comes to floors; A clean slate makes a world of difference. ;)

  6. Hello, I would LOVE to know where that white globe pendant light that looks like a sand dollar on the bottom is from! I’ve been looking for a light for a full height entryway – and that’s it!

    • You know I’m not sure. San Franciso’s Japantown has lots of places that sell globe lights in all shapes and sizes – so does Ikea. So maybe there. You could try Pearl River online, too. Good luck!

  7. I have white painted floors in our master bedroom…and 3 dogs. No harder to keep clean than other floors…In fact much easier to keep clean than the black laminate flooring former owners installed in the kitchen/dining area. My mantra is “You see the dirt, you clean the dirt.” ;-)

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