pink fixes everything.
by victoria comment



the shiny squirrel.

feeling the blahs? you can fix that right up with just a little pink. with pink, a little dab will do ya right — or you can just go nuts with it in one big daring and dramatic statement. when i attempted to go all neutrals and black and white with my new cottage, i found my space feeling a little cold, lacking any oomph! so i just added some pink in the way of artwork, area rugs and throw pillows. and generally, when i’m bringing fresh flowers home, more often than not, they’re a shade of pink, too. it’s like infusing instant life to the room adding femininity, but whether it’s a big bold statement or in small doses, pink can really come to the rescue and go a long way in fixing just about anything. especially the blahs.


gilles trillard for Maison Française.


jessica helgerson interior design.


emily johnston anderson photography; and ernest’s.


dimore studio.


sorakeem; and kelly werstler design via architectural digest.


elle decoration uk.


serge mouille; and ernest’s.


freunde von freunden.

9 responses to “pink fixes everything.”

  1. Oh man! I love this idea. You’re absolutely right. I just moved offices, and put up just a few personal items to make it feel like home but something was missing. PINK! It feels cozy and cute without feeling too chicky. Thanks for the tip, you made each day more productive now that my work Zen is in balance.


  2. I was a little nervous at the title of this, mostly because I am SO not a pink person, but I kind of like the subtle pops of it throughout! The bright streaks of pink in the artwork are just enough for me.

    Blonde in this City

  3. While I don’t have much pink in my home right now, I’ll have to keep this in mind when winter hits. It will be my first winter in Chicago (I’m from San Diego), and this will be a great way to keep away those winter blues. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of a pink pops in decorating. One of the reasons I love your home!

  4. I like the range of pinks in these photos. So many options! We have a raspberry toned dresser in our living room and I love it. Definitely ads cheer!

  5. Yes I have the same problem with my home. All my walls are white and I have tented to add colour through the pictures. A subtle splash of pink or even violet definitely works a treat.

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