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this pretty much rocks! it’s time to get yourself organized! i’ve been in a major organizing mood — creating calendars, adding stickie notes, and using colorful markers to make task lists just a little bit less task-like and much more fun. so, i wondered if you know about poppin? poppin was created to fill the design gap between the products we use for work and the pretty things we use in the rest of our lives. so, they’re not just another office products company; poppin offers us workstyle products with a range of color options and lots of flair — even if for you, that just means bold black & white.


to introduce you to poppin, the company is offering up this giveaway to help you work happy. we’re giving away two $100 gift certificates towards any products in their shop — from polka-dotted journals, to pretty pens, to desktop organizers and even furniture and cool task lamps. and as an extra nice gesture, poppin is offering everyone $10 off your poppin order of $40+ or more by entering SFGIRL at checkout (offer good until 9/15/13).


to enter to win one of the two $100 gift certificates for poppin, simply:

• visit poppin and pick out a few of your favorite products.

• comment here on the blog sharing your favorite poppin pieces by wednesday, september 11 at midnight pst.

• sorry, this time the giveaway is for u.s. residents only (international shipping is coming soon!).

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce 2 random winners, selected via random number generator by monday, september 16th on twitter, so be sure to follow along.


• this giveaway post is in partnership with poppin, but all opinions expressed are my own.

156 responses to “poppin: work happy giveaway.”

  1. Is it cheating to say that I’ve loved everything I’ve looked at on their site? If I had to narrow it down….I’d want a colorful tape dispenser, stapler, pen cup, and trays! They’d be perfect in the new home yoga studio/office I’m in the midst of putting together.

  2. The referee and snow cone notebooks look like the perfect thing to finish off a cute desk or book shelf. All of the accessories are so cute though.

  3. i would buy myself white square picture frames galore and soft lineless journals. Though, since I’m en english teacher, i might buy tons of sticky notes to use in class.

  4. I love the bright colored organizer trays. They would be so bright and happy in a drawer. I also really like the colorful desk lamps. One of those would be perfect in my daughter’s colorful room.

  5. Wow! This might be the hardest decision to just pick a few things that I like since I’m pretty much in love with everything that deals with organization AND bright colors! My favorite pieces are the Notebooks, Frames and the Amplifier for my phone. @ayoaimee

  6. I love the mood changing teardrop lamp, and the desktop organization materials, and the wall clock is pretty great, and and and!

  7. Theses are just a few items out of the many that I’d adore to use in college
    Canvas 15″ Laptop Sleeve
    Black Poppin Planner
    Pool Blue Medium Hard Cover Sketchbook

  8. Perfect timing — the end of summer makes me want to get organized too and this stuff is so fun! Hard to pick favorites, but I do love the Snowcone slim-fit journals and that white eco-calculator is so sleek!
    And sorting by color is genius.

  9. Call me a nerd – but I love their binder clips! I of course would need some orange yellow trays and cups to go with them. Poppin could be my new addiction.

  10. I have so many favorites! Everything from Poppin’ is adorable! :)

    – I love the World’s Best Mom gift set with the pink notebook and pen. My mom would love it!
    – I personally want the white medium notebook with gold initial (a L of course).
    – The aqua mouse pad and blue + white mugs would give my desk at work the pop it needs!
    – The large black tray, although this has nothing to do with the office, would be perfect for a Saturday morning breakfast in bed!

    Thank you for introducing us to Poppin’!

  11. In love with the clear tube top lamp, the yellow ding, and the west village in white frames. Love love love, my living room would be complete with those :)

  12. I definitely need the paper file flags, an aqua colored stapler, a million pink paper clips and lime green pins. Basically everything…pick me!

  13. I’m loving the Calculator with blue numbers, the white collapsible storage box, and the red and white coffee mug. I also love all the cool notebooks!

  14. I am an organization nut so I pretty much love everything on their site. But I am especially liking both the campfire ottomans and the color changing tear drop lamp!

  15. poppin has such great stuff for sprucing up your work day! Love the navy and yellow laptop tote and the sailor medium spiral notebook!

  16. Awesome giveaway! I’m a big fan of Poppin’s swanky pens and notebooks. I love the metal pens (I’ve got my eye on one in pool blue), large spiral notebooks, confetti composition book, and jumbo sticky notes.

  17. I would love to get a tape dispenser and stapler set but I cannot decide between pool blue and aqua. I also love the pen cups and bits and bobs trays!

  18. Oooh!!!! I love school supplies. :) Poppin has awesome colors. I think I’d want to mix my own desk set – white with aqua or white with yellow. Or white with pink. It’s hard to decide. I definitely want some notebooks and I’m thinking about a filing cabinet too.

  19. LOVE these office supplies, and as a girl who always enjoyed back to school shopping, they make me so happy to see some “grown up” well designed accessories for work! My fav at the moment are the pens, and the tape dispenser!

  20. Just started my first job within my desired field and my new office is SO BLAND. The artwork on here is just what I am looking for! I love the Believe in Beautiful Work and the Do the Bright Thing pieces.

    As for organizing, I really need the white large cable box.

    My twitter handle is @SamanthaBaehr

  21. Love the khaki laptop bag, the white map tacks, the black ruler, the aqua bits + bobs tray. Lots of cute options for getting organized!

  22. So much eye candy I can’t help but jumping from one fave thing to the next. What I absolutely keep going back to is White West 18th File Cabinet and the Emerald Campfire Ottoman!

  23. I am an elementary school art teacher and I would love to have these gorgeous supplies for my classroom! While I have many favorite items, I love the Orange tape dispenser and brightly colored pen cups the most.

  24. Classes just started two days ago so all of this would be perfect! I love all of the desk sets (though either the white or blue versions best) and the highlighters in each color!

  25. where to start! EVERY office could use more happy vibes, and what a simple way to go about it!
    have to say i specifically adore:
    -ping pong conference table(!)
    -red dot & line floor lamp
    -campfire paper table
    -purple soft cover folio
    -yellow starter set
    -orange map tacks
    thanks for all the inspiration!

  26. I love the simple white and blue mugs, the clean cut filing cabinets, and the teardrop shaped color changing light is awesome! So much cute stuff!

  27. I am so in love with the whole collection but to pick a few items …
    The orange link lamp is simple and perfection,the notebooks are stylish and I would use them to organize my hectic thoughts… And the file cabinet in sea blue is just a piece for under anyone’s desk

  28. I want to tray-it-UP. Bits and bobs, mail organizers, trays galore. Either Pink or ORANGE or green. . . or one of each. Ahhh joy.

  29. I love the large white cable box. My cables are always such a mess it would be so nice to have them more organized! The clear tube top lamp is super cute!

  30. So much to choose from. I love it all but in particular the design-a-desk in white and lime and the personalize it notebooks :) Thanks for hooking us up with a discount! Twitter: martharose

  31. i would love to have a set of their bright pink office supplies. nothing would be better than having a pop of color on my desk at work!

  32. I just got their daily planner and LOVE it, but I would totally love a serving tray, one of their lamps, umm…maybe one of everything!

  33. Noting is key for a college student like myself. Poppin’s notebooks are to die for! I totally love their Slushie Small Paper Cover Notebook and the Aqua Medium Soft Cover Notebook is such a great color for a notepad! And their Color Changing Poplight would look so cool on my desk!

  34. I’ll take either the red dot and line floor lamp or the pool blue dot and line floor lamp.
    And some of those monochromatic soft cover notebooks.
    And binders and sheet protectors and so many goodies. Also, great colorful office chairs that also look ergonomic.

  35. i have been lusting after the “Clear Tube Top Lamp” for a very long time. i also love the selection of tacks, push pins, and tape.

  36. I love their rulers! I guess that’s a little boring, but the minimal, easy-to-read style and the heavy acrylic is just perfect!

  37. I love the lime green tool kit, but I’m eyeing the scissors especially hard because mine are about 872,634 months past their prime.

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