ten-to-go: in the kitchen.
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small white porcelain dishes from heriott grace.

today i give you a new blog series, ten-to-go — two shy of a dozen online shops that i think you will come to love. as a blogger, the biggest hazard of my career is probably online shopping. when you’re searching for cool accoutrement to share, it’s really easy to think, “hey, i need that” — so sharing sometimes helps get it out of my system. i apologize in advance for enticing you, too, to shop.

but these ten sites are shops where i really covet the merchandise, and when it’s gift-giving time or when i really need something around my own house, these are the spots i check out first for unique items i’d love to have, and i’m hoping my friends and family don’t already own. they’re often handmade, always beautiful, and very well-presented — which for me, always makes the difference. this week i’ve got ten-to-go for the cooks in the crowd – all things beautiful and gastronomic for your kitchen! but there are plenty more to come as i add to this series. standby!


1. herriott grace – handmade with love by a father & daughter team, this shop carries lovely wood and porcelain dishes, serving pieces and kitchen goods. because they’re so lovely and each a one-of-a-kind, they sell out fast, so keep checking in for new wares.


2. whimsy & spice – need a delicious gift? go no further than brooklyn-based whimsy & spice — purveyors of all things sweet and lovely. cookies, s’mores kits, brownies and home accessories all made with much attention to detail, including beautiful packaging anyone would be thrilled to unwrap.


3. Merchant no. 4 – The old saying ‘Keep It Simple’ stands true for many of the utilitarian pieces carried at Merchant no. 4 — like this lovely oak utensil rack. it’s not all just kitchen supplies, but you sure can find a great inventory of gorgeous wood kitchen wares here.


4. wind and willow home – known for their beautifully bold bowls and pastel salad servers, this shop is the bomb. wind and willow begins with beautifully turned bowls and carved spoons, hand dipping each in a synthetic rubber that is custom mixed. The beauty is in the uniqueness of the natural wood grain and the reaction between that wood and the rubber ensuring each item is completely and colorfully special.


5. tinder – a canadian-based company, tinder carries a lot of practical kitchenwares, like the cutest natural bottle brushes i’ve ever seen. it’s run by a couple of archaeologists who travel on occasion, but they post a notice on their blog of any possible delays when they’re away. i can dig it.


photo: dapper paper.

6. slingshot coffee – their seasonal approach is what makes Slingshot Coffee Company’s Cold Brew so unique. While the coffees they use change with fresh crops throughout the year, one thing stays the same: slingshot hand brews and bottles in small batches using only two ingredients — quality, in-season, organic coffee beans roasted locally by Counter Culture Coffee; and filtered tap water from their beloved City of Oaks, Raleigh, North Carolina. yum.


7. pigeon toe ceramics – loads of beautiful handmade ceramics await you in this portland-based online shop, like these sweet salt & pepper shakers. Pigeon Toeʼs aspiration is simple: to provide mankind with highly curated and refined pieces culled from skilled hands, trained minds and inspired hearts, featuring artisan objects that transcend trends, each piece is an attempt to redefine a new age of homegrown, grassroots aesthetics.


photo: kelly ishikawa.

8. kaufmann mercantile – they’ve got all the goods you need to get your kitchen going, including one of my personal favorites, the chemex handblown coffee brewer. they carry japanese tea pots, weck canning jars, and white truffle sea salt — just to name a few in their useful very kitchen cupboards. what more could you want?


9. freud – oh how i adore this british line of espresso and tea makers, among other lovely things. Inspired by stories of his father’s inter-war life spent in the coffee houses of Central Europe, where coffee, beer, culture and conversation flowed hand in hand, David Freud founded FREUD design and café-bars throughout london in 1986. kind of industrial-looking and made from stainless steel, their teaball is probably the most coveted thing in my kitchen.


10. kusmi tea – my very favorite tea. not only are the tins exquisite, the tea tastes divine. i have two favorites — the darjeeling no. 37 and prince vladimir’s. but there’s detox and green teas, and well, everything else you could possibly imagine you might like to sip on.

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  1. Ooo! So many of my favorites! We actually just did an interview and photo story with Lisa of Pigeon Toe and toured the whole studio! Now I just need to edit everything. Can’t wait to share! I haven’t heard of Slingshot coffee, now I MUST have it.

  2. ummm you’ve picked so many of my favorites, Herriott Grace are always at the top of any of my wish lists, my only problem is I find it hard to part with their goods and give them away as gifts!

  3. Handmade ceramics is the best. I often buy different interesting objects for my kitchen and now it looks like a vintage one. I want to buy those square cups too. I think they look unique and they are really comfortable in usage.

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