let’s kickstart this thing.
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you may have heard the buzzMakeshift Society is growing, and this time it’s headed to Brooklyn! founder rena tom and team did it once already in san francisco, and now rena and her partner brian boyer are building a brand new clubhouse in williamsburg for creative freelancers to learn, work, play and think together, just like the san francisco space — just a whole lot more of it. room for sewing machines, craft areas, classes and anything else you can dream up. all the things you ever needed to love what you do and make who you are — and the space to do it in. The heart of Makeshift is a community of like-minded peers who work next to, collaborate with, and learn from one another.



makeshift doesn’t often reach out for help, but now is the time when the clubhouse could use your assistance, so they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise supplemental funds for the Brooklyn location — and with your help it will be a smash success! there’s some really cool rewards for contributing — from artists like kate bingaman-burt, lisa congdon, and that super cool new lamp from lumio. i’m hoping you can take a few minutes to help spread the word with friends who might like to join, and and those of you who believe in creative community might like to give what you can to help build makeshift brooklyn. the whole scoop is on the campaign page and you can get a fun sneak peek at the new brooklyn space in the launch video below, and all the details on the campaign page.

if you’ve not heard of Makeshift Society, it was founded in 2012 by Rena Tom with help from art director Suzanne Shade, and me to provide a solution to that feeling of loneliness and disconnectedness that many creative freelancers and consultants experience when working from home or from a coffee shop — a creative co-working space in san francisco’s hayes valley. Makeshift Society offers classes & skills training, a library full of visual inspiration and business smarts, meeting space, a residency program, and evening events.


the plan is to open the Brooklyn Makeshift space for business by early 2014, by the time snow melts, the space should be ready for you. the space is in Williamsburg and is four times as large as the San francisco clubhouse (!) but makeshift is working hard to make sure it will retain the intimate feel and vibe of the Hayes Valley space. have a look at the new brooklyn space in the launch video above, and read all the details on the kickstarter page — and thank you for considering supporting the new makeshift brooklyn!


oh! and a Makeshift San Francisco’s 1 year anniversary party is September 21 and is also a fundraising party; so you’re all welcome to the open house from 12-4pm . they’re will also be holding an event in Brooklyn on October 10; more details to come! You can follow along with Makeshift Brooklyn on facebook, twitter, instagram, and join the mailing list here.


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  1. I just finished lurking their site. That place looks so amazing & adds more reasoning to why SF is my dream city. Can’t wait to get back there some day. I just forwarded this information to a designer I know in Oakland… thanks for sharing it with us!

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