the modern monogram.
by victoria comment


this post in partnership with mark & graham.


maybe you’ve had it in the back of your head that monograms are something your sweet granny used to embroider on hankies. and perhaps that was the case at one time, but how you make your mark now is a much more modern monogram than you might think. mark and graham invited me to try out their monogramming and i was psyched to see some really great graphic options — and you can test out their monogram styles with your own initials with their online guide, too. i very often am just called ‘v’ (victoria is just so many syllables!) so i thought it would be fun to go with a capital V in their neutra bold font, complete with a kind of art-deco circle. i was so excited with the way they turned out, and at how soft the bedding was — i’m kind of sheet snob, so comfort is critical to me.


i chose mark and graham’s White Pintuck Duvet Cover and pillow cases. i’m a white bedding kinda girl — there’s something so fresh and inviting about white sheets! but i monogrammed the pillow cases, and mixed them with my existing gray print pillow cases. i also added their Exquisite Cashmere Throw in steel gray for contrast and added the matching monogram mark, too.


mark and graham also makes a great line of leather totes and zippered pouches, and i needed something to slide my ipad into, so i picked out the Everyday Leather Zip Pouch also in steel gray with a cute little V in the neutra bold font, too. and for coffee in bed on lazy weekend mornings, i quite liked their typographer mugs and i chose futura. i think it’s kinda safe to say i don’t ever need to leave my bed again. i’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but i’m quite content to stay right where i am.

oh, and mark and graham happens to be hosting their first-ever live Trunk Show in Corte Madera next Thursday, September 26th, 1:00pm until 4:00pm, so if you’re interested in checking out their lovely goods live and in person, check out their facebook page for more details.







• all photos by cindy loughridge for sfgirlbybay.

this post in partnership with mark & graham but all opinions are my own.

14 responses to “the modern monogram.”

  1. Thank you for makeing the letter V look good. Since my name is Vickie I have trouble just finding the letter “V” and when I do it looks like chicken scracth!!!!!

  2. Want to like it but am afraid it looks too much like a brand label for me…a Great brand label, but still – I have a near Muji level aversion of commercial branding logos instilled in me after growing up in suburban USA. Need visual respite!

  3. OK, not to be creepy but I’m obsessed with your bedroom! I love the white bedding, the photo overt the bed, how bright and airy it is! Obsessed. And who knew Mark and Graham did such nice bedding!

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