swan lake.
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i stumbled upon this wonderful bathroom, designed by natalie clayman interiors and was intrigued by the wallpaper — so i went on a hunt. turns out it’s london-based Nina Campbell’s Swan Lake Wallpaper — love this rather vintage-inspired lake scene of swans, weeping willow and waterlilies.


if you wanted to give your bathroom this pretty look, you could go with a soft pink solid shower curtain like the one nina used above, or you could go completely crazy with this Realtree Pink Print Shower Curtain. either way, this is a great print wallpaper that could go rather formal and sophisticated, or with the right vintage accessories kinda kitschy. it comes in a variety of color ways, too — from dramatic black to gold, to a pale shade of aqua. if you’re going to wallpaper, i feel like powder rooms and bathrooms are the one spot you can kinda let loose and have a little fun. this is the perfect wallpaper to start with.


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  1. Love this wallpaper…just what I have been waiting for. But my search is finding UK sources only. Any US sources that you know of Victoria? Thanks much.

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