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hello again – it’s danielle from the jealous curator! long time no blog! i took the summer off from guest-posting but i’m so excited to be back on victoria’s lovely site. i’ll be writing my regular posts soon, but today is a special artsy-travel edition. yep, victoria is on a plane right now, so this is an ode her fabulous european adventure! first stop:


good heavens. so beautiful. this is the dreamy, washy, sexy work of stockholm based artist cecilia carlstedt. she does stunning personal work, but she also has quite the list of clients: H&M, Paul Smith, Victoria Secret, Elle, Vogue, New York Times and W magazine, to name a few.

ok, grab your bike! the next stop in victoria’s travels:



plants, houses, and thread – add a few canals and a bike ride around the city and i’m in! these lovely pieces are the work of amsterdam based artist hagar vardimon-van heummen. her work is available as originals and prints (and i know, because i own two of them!). you can buy them right here.

and now, it’s time to say “cioa bella!” because we’re off to roma:


ludovica gioscia is an installation artist from rome (now based in london) who can layer ornate wallpaper like there’s no tomorrow! she actually has a show opening in rome at the end of november. victoria, you might have to stay on for an extra month or two to catch that!

and finally, our last destination – ahhh, venice:


carolina antich is an argentinian artist, but she lives in venice (victoria wrote a lovely post about her gorgeous studio). most of her paintings are quite big, and feature children, often in some pretty precarious situations – but strangely, still so peaceful. hm.

sigh. well, i think we can safely say that we’re all totally jealous of victoria’s european adventure. it’s not just me, right? see you back here in a few weeks when my regular posts start up again ~ danielle, the jealous curator


  1. Good heavens is right! I’m now officially obsessed with cecilia carlstedt’s work! So beautiful! Even thought the internet brings us all together, is great to be reminded of artwork and design being produced around the world- thanks!

  2. Is there a special reason why you timed your travel at this time, say you like to experience fall in Sweden/Amsterdam/Roma/Venice? Or is it because now is the only time available? Happy travels! :)

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