home away from home in stockholm.
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so after like 20 hours of flying and layovers, i’ve finally landed in stockholm and wow — what a beautiful city! the light here is downright insanely beautiful. and our apartment? well it’s a little slice of heaven. i walked in and my travel mates here angela and bri were like, look here! look at this cute room, look at the smeg! and indeed it does not disappoint. this place is adorable. you take an old fashioned lift up four floors and then a winding little staircase takes you to the prettiest, light-filled apartment with white washed floors, and high beamed white ceilings. i’m at home away from home and so happy to be finally horizontal! my eyelids are shutting on me, so more from our travels soon!














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  1. Hey!
    That place looks amazing. Where did u find it? Would love to know since we are going to Stockholm next summer. Thanks!!

  2. Lovely. Enjoy Scandinavia (although I think you should also be visiting Copenhagen ;)

    And I almost thought I was reading the “my scandinavian home blog” :)

  3. WOWZERS. That place is amazing! Every little detail is superb, I could never choose a favorite. Hope you have lots of fun on your adventure. :)


  4. Wow! What a beautiful place and thank you for sharing. I find that staying in apartments while traveling is way more comfortable than staying at a hotel. You get to immerse yourself in the environment and experience it almost as a local. It really does make it a “home away from home”. Cannot wait to see what you post next!

  5. Don’t miss the beautiful shop Oscar & Clothilde! They have heavenly things for the home, perfect for finding a beautiful keepsake from your trip to Scandinavia.

  6. Welcome to Stockholm! :)
    Look like you really found a hidden gem in that apartment… And the area of Södermalm is just fantastic (we also happen to have our office there, just by Slussen).
    If you want some of the best coffee in town, visit Drop Coffee just by Mariatorget (http://www.dropcoffee.com/) – and drop me a line if you want company! ;)

    Hope you enjoy your stay in Stockholm!
    Love, Maria

  7. Wow…what a stunning place to stay!
    I think that might be the kitchen table of my dreams….and I am so stealing the bookcase idea…amongst others.
    Sarah x

  8. p.s. It might just be me – I could easily be doing something wrong, but I don’t think pinning is working from your images. When you hit ‘pin it’ it creates a box to link to Pinterest but doesn’t seem to create the URL from the image. I pinned like crazy the old school way anyway…just thought you might want to know :)

  9. Wow, I’m insanely jealous. Do you speak Swedish? I love the white walls and flooring with the colorful furniture. It’s adorable without being overwhelming.

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