a place called home.
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Sydney-based interior stylist Jason Grant has just released his book (releasing October 15 in the US), A Place Called Home: Creating Beautiful Spaces to Call Your Own, and boy does it make me want to jump into decorating my place I call home. With gorgeous photography by James Geer, Jason Grant doesn’t believe in creating perfect homes. Instead, he encourages people to create a space that says something about who they are and how creating personality is important; it’s not just about how a home looks but more about how it feels. In this first book, A Place Called Home, Jason Grant shares insider information on how to decorate your home just like a stylist.






• all photos by James Geer for A Place Called Home

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  1. LOVE this. Will have to check out the book when it comes to the US. I’ve never been into super trendy or perfect homes. I love the idea of making it yours, having it feel good and homey. anyway, love this post!


  2. Pre-ordered it a while ago…just waiting not-so-patiently for it to arrive!

    His instagram is worth a look-see, too. :) mr_jason_grant

  3. What a cozy home. I love your items displayed on open shelving and it’s all topped off with a sweet elvis lp. Love Love.


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