a visit with lotta agaton.
by victoria comment



one of the highlights of my trip to stockholm, was a visit to swedish interior stylist lotta agaton’s shop. we traveled by subway, which was a kind of a three stooges episode unto itself — but we won’t talk about that — and then we got all the way over there, walked in the door, only to find the shop was actually closed. but so very graciously, lotta invited us in anyway — you see the shop is also lotta’s design studio so she was working away, but she was so kind and generous with her time and allowed us interrupt her for a bit, to poke around and snap away with our cameras. everything lotta does is with impeccable taste, so it was such an honor to have met her and see her styling in person. her collections are envious and her warmth just as much so — thank you again lotta for inviting us into your inspiring space.











• all photos by sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Regarding the subway escapade – we should have practiced on BART more! Would that have helped? Lotta’s shop looks amazing! BTW, the NYTimes had a huge article on stacking books artfully…I thought of your post.

  2. Love the layout of Lotta’s shop!!! Hope to have my own furniture shop one day so it’s always very inspirational to see someone whose living out the dream I want.

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