i spy: peachy pastels.
by victoria comment



did you ever play that game as a kid — something parents invented to keep us occupied on long family road trips? we played it all the time: i spy with my little eye…something that is — in this case a pastel palette of peachy pinks, sage greens, creams, whites, gray and black — and sometimes a bold pop of one of those colors. ever so pretty and i’ve been seeing these hues everywhere. it was all over italy — faded villas muted by history and weather and all the more beautiful for it. i’m going to be working on a design project with bri from designlovefest and this is the palette we love — i’m excited to share it with you soon!


petra bindel.


broste copenhagen.


lovely life.




baixa house; and harpers bazaar






lovely life.

13 responses to “i spy: peachy pastels.”

  1. I love this palette. I’ve been obsessed with crumbly, weathered walls lately. Not for my apartment, because I’m SUPER lazy about stuff like that, but just observing them and being drawn to them while I’m out and about or looking at magazines or images online. The photo that I used at the top of this post – http://inwardfacinggirl.com/blog/be-vulnerable – was one that I took at a nearby coffee shop. Some of your palette is there. :)

  2. I’m was so happy to wake up this morning to see this! Last night I had some major problems with my blogger template– and next thing you know I’m changing the whole look and went with this palette– well close anyway. Thanks for making me feel good about my choice!

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