getting lost in venice.
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of all the apartments we stayed in on our trip to europe, my absolute stand-out favorite has to be venice. venice is completely magical anyway, and our airbnb was no exception. first of all, our hosts manuel and silvia had to be the most generous (and stylish — they’re both architects) people you might ever encounter. not only were the fridge and cupboards stocked with loads of fresh food and drink, but they spent a considerable amount of time with us and a map, sharing how to get around (invaluable in venice, where it’s so easy to get lost) and offering us some insider info on where to eat and wander. and oh, did we eat, and well. from the inexpensive Cicchetti bars for early evening wine and snacks (think ‘happy hour’) to the classic not-to-miss trattoria all madonna, everything was divine. oh, and a tip: always order the house wine — it’s cheap, and delicious.


bri, jen and i loved our host silvia’s sense of style so much, we now have a hashtag for it — #wwsd — what would silvia do? their airbnb apartment is tucked away down one of venice’s many narrow and ancient alleys and from the outside, its historic architecture is typically venetian. but when you open the door, it’s an entirely unexpected mix of minimalist scandinavian white and colorful collections from the couple’s trips to indonesia — charming beyond words. i think venice was also the highlight of the trip perhaps because jen and bri had never been before. the look on their faces when we stepped out of the train station and onto the grand canal was pure enchantment, and that’s something really special to share with your friends. and the peggy guggenheim museum was another huge highlight for all of us — a beautiful art collection including works of jackson pollock, calder, picasso, warhol all right there hanging on the walls of what was once ms. guggenheim’s amazing home. i highly recommend you don’t miss that if you should make it to venice. and by all means, you should visit venenzia. ciao!








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  1. You’re so right, I love Venice too! I usually go there with friends around carnival in February and we then rent an apartment in one of the old palazzi. It’s always magical and fantastic to stay there.

  2. I am swooning over here. I adore Venice. I went when I was 18 and my best friends and I got completely lost there! It was amazing, haha! I hope to go back and share it with my husband someday. He has never been to Italy before and I just know it would capture his heart…

  3. I can’t believe these places you stayed. Unreal. So cute and female! Totally girlie.. Great photo’s. Would love to get lost in Venice.

  4. I spent 24 hours in Venice few years ago and I really have to go back. It’s gorgeous. Those narrow alleys and canals. It’s so romantic. But it has other side also. Have you seen the movie Don’t look back? It’s filmed in Venice…it’s a thriller. But still I think even the rain in Venice must be wonderful ;)

  5. What an adorable kitchen! So light and airy and have always wanted to visit Venice!

    Also love love love the font you use in this image – what’s it called? Thank you !!


  6. Oh man, this place is amazing too! Those shelves! And all the lovely colourful details, I love it!
    And I really must visit Venice, your photos are gorgeous!

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