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round two in my new blog series, ten-to-go — two shy of a dozen online shops abroad that i think you will covet as much as i do. each of these shops fall into the home goods category, my all-time weak in the knees favorite items to shop for. sure, i love clothes, and i love kitchen gadgets and gourmet goodness, but since decorating and re-decorating is my jam, here is where i tend to go all ga-ga.

these ten sites are shops based in scandinavia, the netherlands, UK and beyond — where i am apt to drop some cash, but i also think fall into a category of classics you will cherish for a long time to come. the products many of these shops carry have legs — which is to say they have some great classic pieces in their inventory of home goods, but they also have style and sometimes an edge. they carry items with a basis for a good canvas around your home — pieces to build a foundation that you can then elaborate on and spin your own style upon. this week i’ve got ten-to-go for the decor addicts in the crowd – some beauties you might like to surround yourself with. so many to choose from, so this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shopping abroad. more to come!


1. bodie and fou — this shop run by two french sisters, elodie and karine with some serious style is one of my long-time go-tos. they carry a great line of of neutrals and very european collections including bed linens (like those up top), lighting, vintage-inspired furntiture, artwork — you name it, if you need it around your house bodie and fou probably has it.


2. papa stour — run by super stylist and art director rosie brown, papa stour home products are all made in Scotland, crafted and handmade to order or produced in small batches. this unique small shop is dedicated to supporting the artists they represent as some of Scotland’s brightest talent. think unexpected gifts and special trinkets when you think of papa stour.


3. sukhaSukha, located in a cosy warehouse in the center of Amsterdam is well-known on the design circuit. filled with lovely neutrals in a large white space, it’s very on trend right now. i was most disappointed on my recent trip to amsterdam not to have had time to visit, so i’ll fill my void by shopping online. in case you were wondering, Sukha is translated as “happiness” or “ease” or “pleasure” or “bliss.” perfect.


4. finnish design shop — i’ve long been coveting the milk table lamp and it’s just one of the many great Finnish and Scandinavian design products available online here — lamps, home accessories and furniture. they carry a wonderful selection of handpicked items from well-established brands and young emerging designers.


5. caravan — one of my favorite places to visit in london, caravan is also an online shop i visit frequently, especially when hunting down something special of a quirky nature. owned by interior stylist and one of the nicest people in the business, emily chalmers hand selects the interesting and unusually eclectic pieces for the shop. she also writes some great design books, if you have yet to see those!


6. donna wilson — Originally from Scotland, designer Donna Wilson runs a studio and workshop in London. she set up her company in 2003 after making whimsical knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of art — The creatures sold out and since then she has built her business designing and making a collection of curious cushions, luxurious lambswool blankets, and variety of products for your home. one of the darlings of online design, donna and her team use UK-based manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible, doing their bit to keep british craftsmanship alive.


7. couverture and the garbstore — another stop in london i always have to make, is nottinghill’s brilliant boutique couverture and the garbstore — just a stone’s throw from Portobello market (still the best place to buy vintage in London.). they carry a beautiful collection of really fine items — like their ana crocheted blankets. hello! or should i say cheerio? whatever — it’s all smashing.


8. orla kiely — when posting about online shops abroad, one simply must include ‘the Queen of Prints’ london-based, irish designer orla kiely in the mix. a staple of great design since, well forever, i can never get enough of her home collections (not to mention her clothing!). great bedding, kitchen accoutrement, and she’s even got the garden covered.


9. stilleben — brought to you by danish designers ditte reckweg and jelena nordentoft, stilleben is a copenhagen-based shop filled with unique home decor. the design duo behind stilleben has designed and curated a simple and functional collection of handmade ceramics, lighting, and graphic design from danish and international designers from all over the world. reason enough to drop in for a visit.

above image via folklore.


10. fine little day — oh that elisabeth dunker, she’s got an artistic bent for sure and such great style. i first followed her gothenberg, sweden-based blog, but have also shopped in her fine little day online boutique for years. i’ve got her pillow cases, her posters, even her very cute cutting boards. it’s all good. it’s all unique and wonderful. oh, and free shipping worldwide – voila! very fine, indeed.

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  1. What a great round up! A few of my favourites are in here too. Elisabeth Dunker is so talented.

    Just a note – it’s BODIE and FOU, not boudie and fou :)

  2. I’m a little late to seeing this series, but wow! What great reviews. I love boudie and fou! Great style!

    Also, the fine little day photo… is that a beanbag!? Too cool! Nice features :)

  3. Hi Victoria,

    Do you approve that i use your picture from Sukha Amsterdam on my blog?
    Off course i use your name as a reference!

    Thank you! Lieke

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