80’s flashback.
by victoria comment



bolig; and house doctor.

lately i feel a little bit like i’m having an 80’s new wave flashback. this is not a bad thing mind you — i loved the 1980’s. it’s my favorite era for music and certainly some good times. the 80’s were filled with loads of pastels, mixed with neon, and a lot of geometrics all over the place (i had a asymmetrical flock of seagulls haircut, and no you can’t see pictures). and all of a sudden i see a resurgence of these playful colors and shapes in interior design, but perhaps a little more tastefully done. less duran duran and more scandinavian design meets pale hues of pinks, peach blush, gray and mint green. have you noticed? here’s what i mean — they’re everywhere.


russian for fish london studio via design milk.


stylists amanda rodriguez; and Klara Markbåge via emma’s design blogg.






trendenser; and kotivinkki.




house doctor; and The Bølling Tray Table from brdr krüger.

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  1. You totally hit the nail on the head of this one! I have been loving pastels and Scandinavian modern too but didn’t make the connection to the 80’s until I saw this post. Very clever! Maybe I should dig out my Nagel from storage. Nah!

  2. I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like the ’80s I remember. Now if you start seeing fuchsia or burgundy and teal together with something that resembles ginormous shoulder pads… These colors feel more like ’50s kitchens, but updated with a Scandinavian vibe. Maybe I can go all Scandi in my vintage mint green bathroom!

  3. Love these looks and loved the 80’s as well – though I didn’t have the Flock of Seagulls haircut, I listened rather obsessively to ‘I Ran’ – drove my roomies up the wall with it!! I also remember going out in black & white striped leggings, white Keds and a big pink and black polka dotted top with a big old patent leather belt – oy!! I have a pic somewhere…yikes…

  4. So very true. There is one difference though. Then, the materials were more plastic – whereas now, they are more natural. The 80s were quite an optimistic time, so hopefully we’re now entering happier times.

  5. I love the 80’s connection and hadn’t even thought about that! Couldn’t agree with you more about the pastels. I’m crazy for all things peach and minty green, and Scandi modern happens to use these colors very well. I think Scandi modern is nice evolution from mid century modern yet the two styles vibe with each other very well

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