mural, mural on the wall.
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man, oh man. i saw this image from mokkasin of her dad helping her hang her new wall mural, and thought “i think i need this in my life”. i’m not a huge fan of wall murals, per se, but this extra large imprint is like a work of art. it’s from mr. perswall, from their nostalgic collection, and it’s aptly called blossom. you can see the finished project on mokkasin’s instagram — quite charming indeed. i think if i were to paper a wall with this, i’d go super modern and minimalist in contrast to the florals – much like the room looks while her dad hangs it. well done!

• image via mokkasin.

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  1. Now that is some beautiful art on the wall. For some reason a mural was never something I thought of incorporating in my space but now.. I’ll definitely be adding that project to the to-do list.

  2. Oh! I love it! And the image of dad tugs at my heartstrings — my dad is painting my oldest daughter’s room deep purple for me right now. I guess we always need our dads.

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