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as i briefly mentioned before, i’ve been brainstorming on bedroom makeover ideas for bri of designlovefest, and so i’ve got bedrooms on the brain. there’s so many different ways you can go — from an interesting diy headboard like this pegboard above, or no headboard at all and just some dramatic bedding, to perhaps a platform bed that’s super simple. it’s just all so subjective and i see plenty of stylish inspiration out there. we were super inspired by our visit to lotta agaton’s stockholm studio, so we know our color palette — black, gray, white, pale peach blush, perhaps some hints of mint or sage green, and lots of natural wood with brass or copper — so now it’s just narrowing down the look and pulling together the pieces to get bri’s dream bedroom just right. here’s some ideas i’m liking.


i like these industrial looking brass swing arm lighting fixtures april & may shared from from blend & blender for above the nightstands; these crocheted pillows from marrakech would look great with our color scheme; a couple of these luxe fur stools from anthropologie would be fun at the foot of the bed; i even like this simple hanger for storing current magazine reading.


i love the idea of a pair of these mix and match cylinder pillows from ferm living; and the overall styling of this bedroom is great, via arkpad. i love that bed tray as nightstand and large black table lamp.


a lovely collection of accessories from the house doctor gives me lots of ideas; industrial wall lamps from pure love are another way to go for above the nightstands; this Handcrafted folding brass stool designed by Rebecca Snelling for Kate Sylvester is another option for the foot of the bed; i also like the idea of one big brass or copper pendant lamp in the center of the room; lovely styling with succulents via smäm — i like the idea of adding hints of green with living plants; and anthropologie’s geo chimes make for a nice art piece in a corner of the bedroom.


how great is this charcoal gray Doily Crochet area Rug from buubok’s etsy shop? she’ll custom size these for you!


i quite like the idea of an extended headboard, or wainscoting of plywood, too. this one from red online is great.


great color palette and styling by nordic leaves via vtwonen; and i love these native line wall hangings as art, too. and another lovely idea — hruskaa’s beaded plant hanger.


a different, but equally great looking idea is a charcoal tufted headboard like this one via arkpad. lovely with blush, peachy colored bedding.


and, always inspiring, lily’s bedroom from above with a bold striped area rug.

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  1. I adore that extended pegboard headboard! All these ideas are great and color scheme is perfect for a bedroom. I’m inspired to put some effort into mine! It’s so blah and neglected right now. I think because our bedroom is carpeted and we can’t change it (renters), I’ve just ignored it because I hate the carpet. But some new bedding and accessories could go a long ways toward making it a more beautiful space! Thanks for the inspiration.

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