pass the plates please.
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phootgrapherMatt Armendariz.

as i start to brainstorm about my thanksgiving table setting, i got to thinking about dishes and how decorative and pretty they can be. i have all white plates these days, or a collection of variations on white i should say — but i used to have a mismatched assortment of vintage plates i’d thrifted over the years. i loved the history behind them — the countless dinners sat down to feast from them and the stories told over those gatherings. plates are beautiful pieces of art, and not just for eating off of — they look great displayed in nooks or cabinets and hung as art upon a wall, composed in all kinds of clever and creative ways. have you thought about how you’re decorating your thanksgiving table yet? do tell.


photographer william brinson.


jason loucas photography.


frederikke heiberg photography.






new york’s fishes eddy by house of brinson.

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  1. Hi Victoria,
    Love this collection of photos. What cool wallpaper! And you’ve also got two of my favorite resources together: House of Brinson and Fishes Eddie! I, too, have all white plates. I like them b/c they allow me to change my tablescape w/out purchasing new dishes. (And I’m changing my Thanksgiving and Christmas decor pretty much every year….I can’t help it). I also like the white plates b/c I think their simplicity makes the food on top look really good. BUT, seeing your post reminds me that I also love collections of mismatched vintage items and now I want to immediately find the nearest estate sale to find plates! Maybe I’ll just collect small plates to use w/ my vintage tea cups and keep the mismatched plate idea limited to tea time. What do you think? Our blog, Little Yellow Couch has posted a Thanksgiving table setting using terrariums. I hope you can check it out!

  2. I love plates that have a history + story behind them. I also love it when people display their most important plates on the walls or in cabinets, those things should be front and center in the home. This year I don’t have to host Thanksgiving at my house, so I haven’t really thought about place settings. However, I did buy all of shanna murrays collection at west elm because they were just too cute to pass up. Have you seen them? Adorable. I am hoping next year I will be able to break them out and put them to good use, but for now I just love looking at them :)

  3. wow…beautiful! there are so many beautiful plates and dishes, it makes hosting so fun! gorgeous photography. i love the white with all the pink (jason loucas). so pretty!

  4. Great post! I love old plates – especially transferware. Also, I was looking at the last photo thinking, “this looks like something House of Brinson would photograph” and voila! The credits proved me correct. I love that that happened. :-)

  5. Wow. I’m crazy about old tableware and those pics and plates in your post. I see also familiar plates that I already have, haha. Few years ago when we got married we bought a lot of old plates for our wedding. We mixed them with newer ones – I love the mix of old and new. Now we have those at home … so don’t have to buy new ones for awhile…Great post, Thank you!

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